Heavy Equipment Hauling: 5 Factors You’ll Want to Consider

Sadly, in 2019 843 deaths occurred in the heavy and tractor-trailer truck driving industry. That works out as around one in seven of all work-related deaths that year!

Now, these are the types of vehicles that deal with heavy equipment hauling. If you have the heavy equipment you wish to haul, you best make sure that the company you choose has a solid reputation for shifting large loads. The last thing you need is a fatal accident to contend with because the haulage company wasn’t what it claimed to be!

In this short guide, we’re going to look at five things you’ll want to consider earth-moving vehicles hauling. Use these five points as a checklist for each company you look at so you can compare them more easily. 

Now let’s run through the points:

Insurance and Licensing

It is crucial that any heavy equipment hauler you consider has proper insurance and licensing. If they don’t you may be putting lives in jeopardy! 

In terms of licensing, a heavy equipment transportation firm should meet the standards of the US DOT and FMSCA for all of its drivers. Without these standards, drivers may lack the knowledge and experience in hauling heavy equipment and goods.

Also, double-check to make sure the insurance covers your particular equipment. The insurance should be enough that your equipment can be fully replaced or repaired. 

US DOT Safety Rating

Another way to check if the “heavy equipment transporters near me” are reputable is to check their safety rating. To do this, find their US DOT number and then go to the SAFER Company Snapshot tool to see how they rate safety-wise.

When you use this tool, you can also check out any commodity information and the size of the company. If you want to learn more info, you can pay a small amount to use the SAFER System Report.

If you want to see an example of a company that fits all the safety criteria, see more here.

Check Reviews

It may be tempting to just settle with reading the testimonials on a company’s site. However, the issue is that it’s unlikely any company will put up negative testimonials.

Instead, try to search for independent reviews on the haulage firm you are checking out. The Trustpilot website is a well-known independent reviewing platform that can help you out.

Do They Come To View Your Equipment?

In an ideal situation, the haulage company will come over to inspect the heavy machinery you want moving. Then, they can show you what they will use to move it. 

If they don’t come to check your haulage requirements in person, they might turn up on the day with the wrong tools to get the job done.

Heavy Equipment Hauling Rates

It’s worth taking your time to compare different hauling rates. You might be surprised how different they can be from company to company.

Be aware, that the company that offers the cheapest rates might not be the best quality service out there. A better approach is to look for safety and quality first and make a shortlist. Then compare the rates between those shortlisted candidates.

Heavy Equipment Hauling Made Easy

If you follow the advice in this post, your heavy equipment hauling needs should be met with ease. Three of the most important factors are insurance, licensing, and safety records. Then, the rest of the advice in this post is to help you find a haulage company that suits your specific needs.

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