Here’s Why Every Home Should Have Hardwood Floors

Did you know that carpet flooring has plummeted in popularity in the US? Since 2000, sales have dropped from 60% to 33%.

Are you considering changing the flooring in one of the rooms in your home? You may be finding it difficult to decide between hardwood or carpet flooring.

This article aims to help make that decision an easy one by explaining the hardwood floor benefits for you and your home. Read on for our advice.

  1. Hardwood Floor Benefits Include Cleanliness

The number one benefit of hard floors over carpet is the ability to keep them clean. Dust and dirt are easily noticeable on wooden floors and can be quickly removed by a vacuum cleaner, broom, or damp mop.

Carpets on the other hand can become dusty and lose their new look very quickly. Imagine a liquid spillage on either surface! Whilst not ideal, the hard floor would be much easier to clean and restore to its original condition.

Equally, if you have pets, a hard floor is a must. Muddy paw prints and fur are immediately noticeable and easy to remove making the house clean once more even if the pet isn’t!

  1. A Stylish Look for Your Home

A hardwood floor has a timeless look that will not date or go out of fashion. You can decorate your house in whatever way you desire knowing that the flooring will not clash or look out of place.

Can that be said of the 1970s orange swirly carpets that used to be so popular? Definitely not!

  1. Add Value to Your Home

Many people will actually pay extra for a house with a quality hardwood floor. Old and shabby carpets can put off house buyers and guests.

With a hardwood floor, buyers can see what they are getting. However, with carpet, all manner of surprises could be lurking from germs to fleas!

People may be reluctant to take on the job of installing the flooring themselves and just prefer to buy another house.

  1. Easy to Maintain and Upgrade

Hardwood is incredibly easy to maintain. A specialist cleaning product can be used to wipe the floor regularly to enhance the color and maintain the coating. This usually includes wax which brings out the natural look of the wood.

However, remember that steaming and the use of harsh detergents should be avoided. They will damage the wood and give it a dull finish.

The beauty of a hardwood floor is that after many years of wear and even damage, it is still able to be restored.

Sanding and applying protection can give an upgrade and a whole new look if you use a different color or sheen. Check out these five tips to learn more!

Lastly, It’s A Must for Allergy Sufferers!   

Many people these days suffer from allergies and a hardwood floor is by far the easiest way of keeping allergens at bay.

Pet hair, pollen, and dust can get trapped in carpet especially if it has a long pile. These can all be removed daily from a hard floor to keep the allergy sufferers of the house safe.

In this article, we have shown that there are many hardwood floor benefits. If you’ve found this blog post interesting, don’t forget to check out the rest of the website!

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