High-Pressure Processing: How Does It Work?

Many people want to live healthy lifestyles. They work hard to maintain exercise routines and stay active. These people also strive to eat well so that their bodies can run at their best levels.

Unfortunately, even ostensibly healthy food isn’t as good for you as it seems. Grocery store produce and products are often full of preservatives and additives. Ingesting these additives can harm your body in the long run.

That’s why people have discovered high-pressure processing. This food processing method gently preserves food without using additional additives or heat.

How does this work, you ask? If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explore how this food processing method works in the guide below.

High-Pressure Processing: How Does It Work?

This food process begins by placing deli meats in flexible, water-proof packaging. From there, these packages then enter a high-pressure vessel.

Next, the vessel fills with water and becomes pressurized to 6,000 bar. This process works instantaneously and identically across several types of food. Generally, preservers use it to create the best deli meat for stores.

One of the advantages of this system is that it’s no respecter of deli meats. It works the same way regardless of the product’s size, geometry, or composition. It also leaves no crushing effects on any of its products.

So, what’s the outcome of this process? The high isostatic pressure deactivates food-borne microorganisms, including those responsible for spoiling food.

From there, the vessel becomes depressurized and drained of water. Now, the product is ready to hit the market!

How Well Does the Process Preserve Food?

This food process produces excellent results, particularly in deli meats and fruit produce. Since the process deactivates spoiling enzymes, it can preserve the products for much longer spans. Sometimes, it can even prevent spoiling from occurring.

Fortunately, only negative traits in the food are affected by this process. Flavors and vitamins consist of much smaller molecules than those food threats. As a result, the process leaves them unharmed.

Is High-Pressure Processing Safe?

High-pressure food processing is the safest method in the business! Unlike other popular methods, it doesn’t inject additives or preservatives into the food. The final product retains all its natural benefits and removes harmful organisms.

The method is safer than many older alternatives as well. For example, older societies used methods like smoking and curing food to remove harmful substances.

But, these methods still left many germs and microorganisms in the food. You could never be sure the food you consumed from these methods was safe.

Some people worry if this preservation technique is safe for pregnant women. If so, don’t worry! High-pressure processing is not only safe but recommended for pregnant women.

This pressure process can eliminate microorganisms in food that threaten pregnancies. To find these safe foods, visit mcleanmeats.com.

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High-pressure processing produces safe food that you can trust. Find the nearest seller to start living a healthier lifestyle!

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