High Video Resolution With the Razor Webcam

Razer is a well-known brand in Singapore that creates gaming peripherals. It has been known for its aggressive marketing strategy and quality products.

The company recently announced the which replaces their previous webcam known as the Stargazer. The new webcam adds several interesting features along with upscaled video quality through interpolation of 30fps or 60fps videos into 720p 120fps videos.

Razer’s announcement sparked interest from many gamers who wanted to try out the new features provided by this $199 webcam.

There are some benefits to using this new from Razer. Here’s a list of benefits for you to check out.

1) The Kiyo has high video resolution compared to other webcams in the market, upscaling 1080p content into 720p 120fps videos. This is beneficial for those who live stream their gameplays often or record Vlogs/videos within close proximity to themselves since they wouldn’t have blurry images, nor they miss important details if they had low quality 1080p resolution.

2) The Kiyo has an impressive built-in ring light that illuminates the subject brightly. This feature is helpful to improve image clarity for those who use their webcams for video calls, where the background of the webcam’s surroundings can’t be controlled. Without this ring light, they have to deal with their dimly lit surroundings, making it difficult for others to see them clearly if there are many dark areas around them or in a room with poor lighting conditions.

3) The https://www.razer.com/streaming-cameras/razer-kiyo-pro/RZ19-03640100-R3U1 was designed specifically by Razer and manufactured by Logitech, using high-quality materials such as brushed aluminum that resists everyday wear and tear while keeping the weight. It’s unlikely you’ll break your webcam just by dropping it accidentally to the floor, unlike those webcams that you can buy at a cheaper price.

4) It has excellent low light performance compared to other webcams in the market since it can perform upscaling algorithms on its sensor twice as fast as popular webcams such as Logitech’s C920 and Microsoft’s LifeCam Studio. This ensures that even if there are little lights around (e.g., under desk lamps), the subject of the webcam would still appear clearly and brightly without being washed out from too much exposure or appearing too dark to be seen.

5) The Kiyo has excellent noise cancellation technology for clearer audio recording within a shorter radius of 1.5 feet. This benefit is especially useful to people who live stream their games since the microphone can pick up sounds (like keys jing on a keyboard or an alien hissing) that would distract viewers at home. Internet trolls will find it harder to disturb live streamers than other popular webcams such as Logitech’s C920 or Microsoft’s LifeCam Studio.

6) It has a built-in tripod mount, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your webcam by trying to attach it onto something like a selfie stick with poor support. You can use this mount for securing the webcam onto anything from umbrellas or desktop stands while positioning yourself as you during vlogs/live streams.

If you are looking for a webcam that can perform better than other webcams in its price range, they will likely meet your standards.

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