Hit the Road! 6 Reasons to Hire a Car For Your Next Trip

How do you imagine your ideal trip? For some, it can be a long flight by plane, for others, a journey by bus. However, there’s nothing better than getting around in a hire car. Yes, it would be a great idea to pick up an Easirent Stansted Airport car hire and enjoy an unforgettable trip around England.

But despite all the advantages, some tourists are often hesitant to hire a car. What is the reason? First, many are afraid of getting lost. Second, they think hiring a car is expensive. Finally, some people tell that driving while traveling is stressful.

In fact, a car trip can be your most interesting and enjoyable vacation in years. We will now tell you 6 good reasons to hire a car for your next trip.

1. Minimize your stress

You might say that driving a car is stressful in itself, especially if you are traveling in unfamiliar terrain. However, most drivers need a couple of hours to adapt, a day at most. You will quickly understand how the locals drive and will feel right at home.

On the other hand, you can avoid many other sources of stress with a hire car. In particular, you don’t have to:

  • wander with heavy luggage in search of a train station, hotel, etc .;
  • endure the inconvenience of crowded buses;
  • catch a ride if there’s no public transport;
  • rush to the tour bus if you are late for the excursion.

2. Visit the most unique places

We all want to see the legendary landmarks with our own eyes. For example, Stonehenge, Warwick Castle, Buckingham Palace, etc. The sad truth, however, is that famous places are often disappointing. Crowds of tourists, annoying souvenir sellers, and high ticket prices spoil the impression. Unfortunately, you will surely experience all of this on an organized tour. If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, renting from car rental Iceland will allow you to explore the country’s hidden gems, such as secret hot springs and stunning waterfalls off the beaten path and inaccessible by public transport.

So, true landmarks usually hide away from motorways and noisy resorts. Mysterious ruins, ancient villages, deserted beaches – such gems are inaccessible to large tour buses. On the other hand, such places are available to you if traveling in a hire car. The key to success is gathering information ahead of time. A guidebook alone is not enough, as you need to search for interesting places on blogs, TripAdvisor, or Instagram.

3. Travel with loved ones

When you go on an organized tour, someone in the group may annoy you. It’s even worse if you don’t like the guide. Unfortunately, you will have nowhere to get away from them, so you have to spend a week or longer with unfamiliar people.

You will also not be able to avoid unpleasant meetings on public transport, since fellow travelers may smell bad, speak loudly on the phone, cough right at you, etc.

On a road trip, the car becomes your personal space. You can share this space only with those you want to see next to you, that is, your spouse, children, friends, etc. You can listen to the music you like, or just drive in silence. What’s more, on a romantic trip, the car creates a much more intimate atmosphere than the most exclusive resort.

4. Save money

Hiring a car and Stasher can be cheaper than using public transportation, especially if you are not traveling alone. The competition among car hire companies is so high in the UK that you will find deals at £15-20 per day.You will pay the same amount for one trip by train or bus.

To save as much as possible, choose a local agency over an international brand. Bigger providers like Avis, Hertz, and Budget have much higher prices simply because everyone knows them. So, use search aggregator websites to find local businesses, or go to Google Maps, search for the desired destination and enlarge the map. Then enter “car hire” in the search bar and click on the “Search” button. A map will display all the car hire agencies in the selected area, along with their reviews.

5. Travel more actively

Agree that a ride on public transport is not what you dream of on your trip. Therefore, you are often tempted to move as little as possible in this case. This is why many tourists never leave their resort at all. Such a trip won’t give you anything new and won’t enrich you in any way. Even if you are resting physically, the mind gets tired of the monotony.

If you hire a car, then you will have at least one reason to use it. After all, you paid for the vehicle. Travelers who use their hire car visit a lot more attractions on average. Moreover, it can be either a long day trip or a small outing to a neighboring town or beach. The car helps you move around and discover new places!

6. Enjoy small pleasures

Forget about hotel breakfasts, which can make your stomach feel heavy for hours. What could be more amazing than visiting a roadside cafe and enjoying coffee with a fresh croissant in the morning? This is the best way to start a day full of adventure.

Yes, and don’t forget about the traditional taverns in the small villages. They serve huge portions of delicious local food. You can’t reach them by public transport, and tourist groups never visit them either. Even something as simple as a freshly baked Cornish pasty bought at a roadside bakery can be a precious travel memory.

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