Home Electrical Repair Services You Might Need

If you’re a new homeowner, you might find yourself getting excited about home improvement projects and brushing up on your DIY skills. That’s great if what you want to repair is a hole in the drywall or putting up shelving.

When it comes to home electrical repair, the do-it-yourself philosophy goes out the window. Your home’s electrical system is not something you should be tackling without a professional by your side.

But, eventually, you will need some type of electrical repair service. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common home electrical repair services you’ll encounter as a homeowner.

Home Electrical Repair Services You Might Need

What comes to mind when you think about home electrical repair? If you’re imagining a full-blown power outage with no ascertainable source, you’ve gone a little too far.

Most electrical repair services homeowners require are for home updates and general maintenance.

Electrical Panel and Sub Panel Servicing

Having an electrical issue with your home? Chances are it’s not as simple as going to the breaker and flipping a switch. Electrical systems are complex.

To avoid electrical and safety issues, it’s important to have an electrician check your home’s entire electrical system once in a while.

Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is the motherboard of your home. It provides electricity to all the parts of the house.

Warning signs that you’re in need of electrical panel repair include multiple blown fuses, hot outlets, and crackling noises coming from your fuse box.

An electrical panel upgrade can help avoid or repair these issues. It can also help your electrical system better meet your family’s electricity and power consumption demands.

Electrical Sub Panel

Your electrical sub-panel is the bridge between your main electrical panel and the parts of your home the main panel doesn’t reach.

Subpanels can experience all of the same issues as the main panel. They also require professional servicing as you’ll see here.

Outlet Repair and Installation

If you find that the outlets in your home aren’t located quite where you need them, an electrician can add new outlets. They can take a look at the electrical capacity of your home and determine what kind of outlet is best to use.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is an electrical emergency. A large blown fuse has the potential to be dangerous. It can overheat your wiring and can even cause a fire.

If you have a fuse that blows frequently, it may be the result of faulty wiring. Don’t try to fix this yourself, as it could cause you to get electrocuted.

Landscape and Pool Lighting

Landscape lighting can be complicated. It often requires elevated lighting, low-voltage transformers, and buried cables. Outdoor lighting involves working with unique specifications because the lights will have to stand up to the elements.

Home Electrical Repair Takeaways

Home electrical repair is necessary, but you should never try to do it yourself. Always hire a professional electrician to tackle your blown fuses, outlet repairs, and electrical panel servicing.

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