How Can I Choose the Best Disability Attorney in My Local Area?

Do you live with a disability? You may find it difficult to navigate disability forms or knowing which Social Security benefits you can access. 

Not all disability attorneys are equally helpful these days. This article will go through how you can choose a disability attorney that you can trust and depend on. 

Ask About Their Experiences

The tricky aspect of disability rights and laws is that there are different regulations and benefits depending on the medical condition. This means that a disability attorney’s expertise has to be specific to your disability. 

When you first meet a possible attorney, ask them questions about whether they’ve won any cases involving people who experience the same medical condition as you. If they haven’t, it’s better to keep looking than to place your bets on a relatively inexperienced attorney.

Asking about their experiences outright will give you a better understanding of whether they know the ins and outs of disability regulations pertaining to your situation. 

Not only do they need experience with your medical condition, but it would be beneficial to choose someone who has experience in the area you need help in.

Maybe your recent disability claim has been denied. Or you may simply find applying for Social Security Disability to be incredibly frustrating. Hiring a lawyer who has dealt with these situations before will ensure you get your money’s worth.

Consider Whether They Will Spend Time on Your Case

Isn’t it the worst when you’ve hired a disability attorney but find out that they have very little time to work on your case? Unfortunately, this is sometimes the reality that many have to face. Attorneys have lots of clients and may not be as attentive as possible. 

This is not somebody you would want to hire for your case. You will need someone who can answer your questions as often as possible, and possibly walk you through the entire process of filing a claim. 

This is why it’s important to have an understanding of how busy a disability attorney is before hiring them. You can directly ask them how their timeline looks like. Otherwise, you can schedule more sessions or phone calls throughout the week to go through some legal details.

Consider how much time you will need with your disability lawyer to get the most out of it, then layout this expectation from the start. This ensures that your attorney will also be able to plan out their day to accommodate you.

How to Find the Best Disability Attorney

Finding the best disability attorney for your situation will have a significant impact on the outcome of your disability case. There are several ways you can find the best local lawyer from the start.

This includes asking questions outright about their previous experiences. Not only that, but you will have to find out how much time they can spend on your case.

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