How can I cook different types of food with my Instant Pot Cooker? 

Are you investigating which food you can cook with your Instant Pot Cooker and how to cook it? There are several ways to cook your meals and lots of recipes that you can make at home. Some websites that can give you a full recipe with ingredients and instructions of each recipe that we mention in this article.  

  • Chicken

Cooking poultry products with your Instant Pot Cooker is fast and easy. You can cook a whole chicken or just parts of the chicken individually. You can cook your food in different ways. You can use the steamer function, pressure function, slow function, There are several meals that you can make with different parts of the chicken which include soups, salads, stews, and several other recipes. Here are some ideas. 

Whole Chicken Recipes

You can place a whole chicken in your Instant Pot Cooker and this allows you to make many recipes such as whole chicken chili, spicy whole chicken, whole chicken paleo, among other delicious recipes for a special dinner or celebration. 

Breast, Drumsticks and Wing  Recipes

If you are a person who prefers chicken breasts, then try out many recipes with your Instant Pot Cooker such as garlic chicken breasts, chicken breast with salsa, glazed chicken breasts, citrus chicken breasts, among many other delicious recipes. You can make many recipes with chicken drumsticks. Some of these recipes are Asian style drumsticks, chicken drumsticks bbq, Wings are an all-time favorite meal and the Instant Pot Cooker can help you make delicious recipes like BBQ wings and glazed chicken wings.

  • Beef 

Many people have a hard time cooking beef but the Instant Pot Cooker cooks beef very well leaving it soft and tender. The best thing is that you don’t need to wait for several hours because the pressure function of your Instant Pot Cooker will have your meal ready in less than half of the time you would take cooking it on your stove. Some delicious recipes that you can make with your Instant Pot Cooker are the following; ginger beef steak, basil and rosemary beef, beef briskets, ground beef and zucchini, beef inventory, garlic creamy beef steak, and many other great recipes. The Instant Pot Cooker is a great appliance that will give you several cooking options. 

  • Seafood 

Many people love seafood and the Instant Pot Cooker can help you cook different seafood dishes. You can use the steam function, pressure function, or slow cooker function to cook your seafood. Here are several recipes of seafood that you can make at home fast and easily. You can cook seafood stew, saffron prawns with risotto, shrimp pasta, salmon soup, salmon curry, elegant dinner mussels, fried shrimp, lemon garlic shrimps, tuna risotto, and several other delicious recipes. Don’t be afraid of trying out other options at home. 

  • Pork

Pork is a popular ingredient for several meals around the world and you can combine it with hundreds of ingredients. It is cheaper than beef and it has lots of nutrients. Here are some of the most popular recipes with Instant Pot Cookers: paprika mushroom pork, spicy pork ribs, bacon swiss pork chops, pork tourtiere, pork-stuffed vegetables, lemon pork, parmesan pork chops, mustard pork chops, pork stew, among many other recipes. The Instant Pot Cooker has a variety of functions and you can make recipes faster with the pressure function or take advantage of the slow cooker function and make tasty recipes that require more heat. 

 Other Poultry Recipes

Turkey and quail can also be cooked with your Instant Pot Cooker. Turkey is very popular and common and quail is less common but it is used in many countries. You can cook a stunning quail dinner or quail tortellini. Turkey can be cooked in several ways and you can make delicious recipes such as turkey in beer stew, Frogmore stew with turkey, turkey meatballs, moist turkey breast, turkey verde, turkey chili, turkey veggie soup, and more recipes. 

Several types of recipes can be done quickly in an Instant Pot Cooker. You just need to find the right recipe and give them a try. You will surprise your family with a variety of easy recipes that can be done. You don’t have to be an expert to make an amazing meal. All the functions of an Instant Pot Cooker are useful, just look for the variety of full recipes online and start cooking. 

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