How do you buy the most suitable carpet for your sweet home?

Carpets have a very important place in home decoration. No matter how compatible the furniture and other accessories are with each other, choosing the wrong carpet will waste all the effort.

Carpets have a very important place in home decoration. No matter how compatible the furniture and other accessories are with each other, choosing the wrong carpet will waste all the effort. However, the color of the carpet is not the only important factor in carpet selection.

The suitability of customers’ budgets is of great importance in factors such as the shape and texture of the carpet. Melikhan Carpet is a customer-oriented company established to support its customers in choosing the most suitable carpet for their space and budget. 

What should you consider before changing your carpet? 

One of the things you should consider before changing your carpet is based on why you want to change your previous carpet. For example; If you are complaining that the floor of your old carpet is slipping a lot, a texture that will prevent the carpet from slipping should be preferred when purchasing a new carpet. 

What are the Details to Consider When Buying a Carpet? 

Carpet is an accessory that can affect the appearance of the whole area by itself. For this reason, the selection/production of carpets suitable for the place should be done with the support of experts in this field. It will not be enough to purchase a color suitable for the area in the carpet selection. For this reason, it is very important to determine the needs of the customers exactly.

At the selection stage; attention should be paid to the smallest detail, from the color, and size of the area, to the shape and texture of the carpet that can be used in the area. Melikhan Carpet is always happy to be with its customers.


In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the comfort offered by the carpet to the user is also of great importance. For this reason, it is necessary to use materials suitable for the needs while providing carpet production. Carpets have many types and let’s take a closer look at the carpet materials; 

Density Face Weight and Tuft Twist 

The pile density shows us a mathematical calculation. For example, the denser and denser the hairs are on a surface, the higher the density of the hairs on that surface. The same definition applies to carpets. The high density provides comfortable and long-lasting use. The face weight indicates the actual weight of the fiber used to produce the carpet pile.

However, this fiber should not be confused with the total Carpet Weight, which includes the pre-weight, support, and fiber pre-weight. The fact that this ratio is high alone does not determine the quality of the carpet. In this option, comfort and price are directly proportional. Tuft twisted carpets are generally found in wall-to-wall carpets. It is among the most preferred species with its rapid production, durability, and diversity. 


As with many things, carpets are guaranteed. However, the warranty period may vary according to the materials of the carpet. The thing to consider in warranties is the use of the carpet. For example, if a carpet suitable for homes is used in a public area, there may be problems in the warranty process. 

Care and Upkeep 

Carpets are the most prominent accessory, whether in public areas or at home. We should mention that there is a maintenance process for this accessory, which has such great aesthetic importance in people’s lives. The most important process to be considered in carpet care is vacuuming. Vacuuming should be done regularly to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the carpet over time and spoiling the structure of the carpet. Regularly trimming carpet fringes with scissors is also of great importance in terms of appearance. 


All padding types are available in Melikhan Carpet. First of all, to choose the right carpet padding, it is necessary to have information about the padding types. The following two features must be taken into account when choosing padding;  

  • Density
  • Thickness

So, let’s examine the types of carpet padding;  

Fiber Foam: Those fiber paddings have two types, natural and synthetic. Fiber padding is suitable for use in many places. It is a type of padding with high durability because it is not soft.  

Rebonded Foam: It is the type of padding with the highest sales rate due to its affordable price. It has a medium fullness and thickness. It is not the right option to use in public places because it is not as durable as Frothed Foam.  

Waffle Pad: It has the same properties as the Rebond padding. However, there is a price difference. Waffle padding is a slightly more expensive type of padding. It is a suitable carpet padding for places with radiant heating systems. In this way, the air pockets heat the carpet and the entire place warms up.  

Frothed Foam: So, which of the paddings is the most durable? This question can be answered with peace of mind as Frothed Foam. It has a high price compared to other types of padding as well as the comfort it offers.  

Prime Foam: Prime foam is economical as well as has moderate durability. It offers high insulation, density, and thickness. Prime foam is mostly preferred for seat upholstery and cushions.  

Memory Foam: Memory foam provides a high level of comfort and softness to its users. For this reason, this padding is used even in the production of some sneakers. When the memory foam is pressed, it changes its shape at this rate, then returns to its normal appearance. This padding, which can be used easily in houses, is not suitable for public areas.  

Rubber Pad: Rubber Pad is the best quality among the paddings that provide comfort and durability to its user. It takes first place among the most admired because it provides an incredible degree of heat and sound insulation. However, the price is directly proportional to the quality.   

Due to the many options, Melikhan Carpet always provides support to its customers in the selection of padding.  

Types of Carpet  

Since carpets are produced in more than one way, the most suitable carpet selection process should be done by experts. Melikhan Carpet’s expert staff provides the necessary guidance to its customers in this regard. However, let’s get to know the carpet types briefly; 

Loop Pile or Berber 

Although loop pile carpets have an affordable price, they provide a high level of comfort to their users. In many different fields. Named after the weaving method of the Berber people of North Africa, this Berber rug is suitable for use in public areas such as stairs and hallways. 

Cut Pile 

Cut pile is among the most popular carpet styles and is named after this process. This type of carpet is produced by cutting the fiber loops, when the loops are cut, a steep pile is formed and the ends of the carpet fibers are exposed. 


The Saxon carpet consists of vertical barbed carpet fibers and is one of the carpets produced with cut loop air. The carpet has wide woven loops and is also cut for a smooth surface. Saxon carpets, which have a high level of quality, are produced from 100% nylon. This structure gives the carpet a feeling of softness. 

Plush Pile 

Plush carpet is a style of cut pile carpet whose yarns are all cut to the same size. The threads are also arranged very closely together. In this direction, a velvety carpet surface that is soft and formal is obtained. 

Frieze Pile 

In frieze pile carpet, the twists are arranged so frequently that the fibers begin to curl on their own, thus offering a comfortable performance in public areas. It is a little more difficult to clean than other types. 

Textured Cut Pile 

Textured cut pile carpet, in this type of carpet, each fiber is cut in a different size. Unlike other carpets, it does not show a smooth appearance. Textured cut pile carpet is generally preferred for use in bedrooms. It is suitable for use in general living areas. 

Cut and Loop Pile 

Cut pile means generally cut carpet loops. If the loops remain in their natural state, we call this structure loop pile. 

Expert Tip 

As a recommendation in carpet selection, it would be to proceed with the support of an expert in this process. Melikhan Carpet’s expert staff are professionals in helping their customers by fully understanding their needs and organizing this process down to the smallest detail, down to their budget. 


Carpet prices vary depending on the materials used in the production phase. For this reason, there is no clear price range. Please contact Melikhan Carpet to have the most suitable carpet according to your budget and needs. 

What do the usage area and frequency of use of the rooms mean? 

The size of the carpet and the purpose of use are of great importance in carpet selection. A carpet selection should be made in the right proportion and shape according to the shape of the room. At the same time, carpets with a delicate texture are not suitable for use in public areas. The texture of the carpet may deteriorate quickly and an unpleasant appearance may occur where it is used. 

Does having children or pets at home affect the type of carpet to be purchased? 

To give a short answer; Yes. Considering the possibility of children spilling food/drink or paint on the carpet, it would be right to choose an easy-to-clean carpet. Our lovely friends (pets) can also shed their feathers from time to time. For this reason, choosing a carpet that is easy to clean, does not hold dust or dirt, and where the bristles can be cleaned more easily will provide great comfort in terms of use. 

What is the importance of room size in carpet selection? 

The size of the room where the carpet will be used is one of the most important pieces of information in carpet selection. For example, placing a large rug in a small room can create a gloomy atmosphere in the room. It will be sufficient to contact Melikhan Carpet to purchase the right size carpet according to the room size. 

What are the differences in Carpeting and Area Rugs 

In general, Carpet is a type of carpet whose size is wall-to-wall and complete with the floor. Rugs, on the other hand, are slightly smaller than the size of the room and are not fixed to the floor like the Carpet. You have the chance to carry these rugs. It even has different uses in summer and winter. 

Where can I order a carpet? 

Carpet orders can be ordered from the store and online, but to choose the right carpet according to your needs, it is appropriate to obtain it from the carpet manufacturer‘s store. Or, after examining the carpet at the factory, it can only be ordered online.  

Buying in-Store 

Buying in the store is recommended by experts. Buying the carpet by experiencing and examining it closely is of great importance in making the right decision and in terms of having a longer use. After purchasing in the store, the carpets are delivered to the specified addresses with the logistics service. 

Buying Online 

Thanks to the developing technology, most transactions are now done online. It is possible to order carpets from the website.  

Where to Buy Carpet 

Since carpets are the most important accessories of homes, it is recommended that you choose and buy them with support from expert companies. Melikhan Carpet provides quality and customer-oriented production by using the latest technological machines in production. In addition, it provides support to its customers in choosing the right carpet with its expert team. 

Why should Melikhan Carpet be preferred in the carpet purchasing process? 

Melikhan Carpet offers its customers a tremendous purchasing experience with its expert staff. As a company, the aim is not to sell at a certain rate, but to provide a unique sales experience by fully mastering the needs of the customers who come to it, taking into account both their wishes and their budgets. The support it provides before and after sales is also of great importance in getting ahead of other competitors. 

What are the features that distinguish Melikhan Carpet from other companies? 

One of the most important features that distinguishes Melikhan Carpet from other companies is that it is a customer-oriented company. In addition, the support of customers in choosing carpets according to their budgets contributes to being one step ahead of other companies. In addition, Melikhan Carpet provides production not only to Turkey but also to many countries. Thanks to the latest technology machines in its production factories, it is ready to produce the latest model carpet types. 

Who uses Melikhan Carpets?  

People who need help in choosing a carpet and are undecided among many models prefer Melikhan Carpet because it is a customer-oriented company. Melikhan Carpet customers are also aware that employees consider the customer’s budget. Melikhan Carpet is a company that has succeeded in being the center of attention of foreign customers due to its ability to sell abroad. It provides service not only to individuals but also to wholesale companies with the same quality and process. It has a wide customer network because it appeals to wide audiences and budget ranges. 

Which countries can Melikhan Carpet sell to other than Turkey? 

Melikhan Carpet also offers the opportunity to sell abroad as it appeals to large masses and budget ranges. Countries served by Melikhan Carpet company; the USA, South American countries, European countries, African countries, Middle East countries, and Far East countries. 

How to choose the most suitable carpet for the area among the carpet types? 

To purchase the right carpet, the needs must first be identified. People who are confused about which type of carpet is needed can always get support from Melikhan Carpet. When choosing a carpet, the budget of the customer, the area it has, the color of the area, its shape, and similar features should be considered. Melikhan Carpet aims to help those who will buy carpets overcome this difficult process most comfortably. 

What is the price range of the products in Melikhan carpet? 

There are carpet productions suitable for every budget in Melikhan Carpet. It offers the most suitable price range for its customers, taking into account their budgets in line with their needs and wishes. Melikhan Carpet is not a firm with a definite price range as it can produce carpets in every segment. It has a wide customer network thanks to its suitability for every budget. 

How does the production take place in Melikhan Carpet? 

Melikhan Carpet uses the latest technology for carpet and rug production. In the production phase, machines are not operated for a single model. Every production start is started in line with the customer’s special demands. Melikhan Carpet offers its customers unique products by using the latest technology as well as quality raw materials

What is the sales process of Melikhan Carpet? How is the order process going? 

Melikhan Carpet supports its customers from the beginning to the end of the carpet purchasing process. It will be sufficient if the customer is determined to purchase carpets and their needs are determined. Melikhan Carpet’s expert staff is happy to assist its customers with overlooked details and in determining the price that fits the customer’s current budget range.  

Contact Melikhan Carpet at the e-mail address below;


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