How Much Do Motorcycle Helmets Cost?

Things need an explanation, but when it comes to money, we should be frank and go straight. And, when it includes your safety, for example, buying a motorcycle helmet, you need to be very specific! Know the features, match those with your requirements, ask the price, and grab the most appropriate one. Even if it costs a bit higher, do not compromise, although it does not mean you extremely have to go beyond your limit.

Fortunately, you will find reliable helmets within your budget for sure. So, instead of asking how much do motorcycle helmets cost, you should look for at which price point you can get one of the safest motorcycle helmets.

Helmet Pricing

Materials, features, design, durability, and some other things play in determining the helmet pricing, which we will discuss later. Let’s go to the pinpoint area of current discussion – how much does a motorcycle helmet cost on which you can rely?

Considering all the facts, we put helmets under five different price segments-

Helmets Costing Less than $100

It is the most affordable price line for any motorcycle helmet. You will indeed find it hard to get a good number of quality models at this pricing, but there are still some good helmets from renowned brands. All you need is to do some research to get one of them.

Right-fit size is a must consideration whatever helmet you buy. Though cheap, a $100 helmet should be lightweight (1400 grams is perfect, and not more than 1800 grams) and sleek for maximum comfort. A quick-release strap is an excellent feature to consider. Make sure while buying that the helmet has various vents and holes for enough ventilation.

Helmets costing less than 100 dollars are not built for professional use. You should not use any such helmet for tough racing purposes where some high-end safety mechanisms are necessary along with regular safety certifications. Check if the affordable model that you’re going to buy comes with proper safety certifications like Snell, DOT, or ECE. They are not entirely up to the mark, but still acceptable.

Helmets Costing from $100 to $200

When we call for a motorcycle helmet at something around $100 to $200, it means we are expecting something that is not quite cheap but not high-end. In the motorcycle helmet industry, this price range is close to mid-range. These helmets contain all the features that come with a $100-helmet along with some object-oriented features, added comfort & durability, higher impact-absorbance capacity, etc.

Some of the 200-dollar helmets come with excellent aesthetic and outlook but do not go for those unless you know about their safety and comfort features. Not all the reliable brands produce helmets at this pricing, but all models available out there come with trustworthy safety standards – DOT, Snell, or UN motorcycle safety guidance.

Helmets Costing from $200 to $300

Now you’ve come to a price point that we can call as mid-range for a motorcycle helmet, an amount between $200 and $300. You will find premier quality helmets with excellent aesthetic at this tag, especially if you cross the $250 mark. Almost all motorcycle helmet brands produce helmets within this tagline. Most of them are quite popular among users.

If you go close to $300, you can buy helmets that can even serve professional purposes. Never get any scrap by spending such an amount, mind it – $300 is quite enough price for a fully-safe and durable helmet with maximum impact-resistance power. They should be superbly-aerodynamic and enough-ventilated.

You will any type of helmets such as the full face, half face, modular, carbon, motocross, off-road, street, and hybrid if you come this budget.

Helmets Costing from $300 to $500

When you start going up from the $300 benchmark, consider that you are going from mid-range to expensive helmets. You should get some excellent-quality and attractive models. All top-notch brands manufacture at least one or two of their helmets at this price range. So, you have a wide variety of choices to pick from, and almost all of them are super-quality.

Some may say, price is not a big deal, but we know it matters! These nearly expensive helmets are equipped with most of the modern features that a helmet should contain. Flexibility, comfort, durability, ventilation, professional-use, impact-resistance, glass-friendliness, night-riding visor, and other safety features are mostly available in a price tag ranging from $300 to $500.

Helmets Costing Over $500

It is expensive! These helmets are High-end or Top-Notch whatever you call, and they contain everything necessary for that. Unless you really need one of these, do not invest such a significant amount. Not all brands manufacture expensive helmets like this. Only a few brands do that, and sometimes the price may go over $1000. These helmets contain everything necessary for beginners to professional motorcyclists.

Last Words

Except for as said above, you can buy used helmets too. Lots of advertisements are available on retailer websites, from which you can pick the newer and less used models. But you have sufficient money to buy a completely new one; then we urge you to do that.

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