How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Normally Cost?

When it comes to air conditioning installation for your home, you should know the prices you can expect to pay. Our guide here has you covered.

Installing a new air conditioning system is like buying a car. We seldom make that type of purchase, so we rarely know how much the equipment and labor will cost. Installing an AC unit seems to require a lot of research to avoid feeling the deep pain of a mistake.

Have you ever felt unsure of yourself about a critical buying decision?

The good news is that there is a lot of information available to educate us before we face a buying decision. We are able to draw from both national and local information. For instance, the average cost range nationally is between $3,000 – $5,500 before appropriate energy-saving tax credits.

When it comes to air conditioning installation for your home, you should know the prices you can expect to pay. Our guide here has you covered.

Home Air Conditioning Installation

The first consideration is the size of your house. The larger the space needing to be cooled, the higher the cost. This is because an air conditioner’s volume is measured in how many tons of heat the unit can remove from a room per hour.

Each ton equates to 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). The measurements are important as a unit too big for space, will switch on and off more often, raising your energy bill.

Other home factors that contribute to the cost include the need for ductwork, insulation, and additional vents. Major projects can also incur costs with miscellaneous supplies and materials.

Types of Air Conditioners

If you have a limited budget, there are different services and equipment you can seek out. The most common types of AC include:

  • Window AC units $150-$750
  • Swamp cooler $350-$2,000
  • Mini-split air conditioners $1,700-$2,100
  • High efficiency air conditioners $1,175-$2,000
  • High velocity air conditioners $4,000 – $10,000

 Regardless of your budget, by right-sizing the air conditioning unit, you’ll most certainly save money. These savings will recover the cost of the equipment and installation over time.

You might also qualify for a government tax credit of $300. There is also a rebate program with Energy Star-rated air conditioners for savings up to $500. The specific rebate offers will depend on your location.

You can input your zip code in the government Energy Finder to learn what rebates are in your specific area.

Find A Local Company

There are too many factors to predetermine the actual cost of the best AC installation. So check out a company that provides HVAC services in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, and Phoenix Arizona. You’ll find a local company that will provide a free quote so you know the exact cost of air conditioning installation before you start your project.

Check out our blog for additional homeowner articles that can bring confidence to your decision-making. You just might find a cost-effective tip that saves you time and money.

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