How Much Does Generator Installation Cost? A Homeowner’s Guide

There’s always another winter storm, hurricane, or unexpected power outage coming. So prepare now! Installing your generator by yourself is out of the question as it can be a hazard to yourself, your property, and the electrical grid.

Generator installation cost varies depending on where you live, but it pays to take the time to seek out a professional with a good reputation. So read on to learn what to expect when paying for home generator installation.


As a general rule of thumb when it comes to generator installation cost, you can expect to pay about 75% to 100% of your purchase price. This will put installation costs somewhere in the $500-$5000 range.

A home generator is permanently affixed on a concrete pad and wired into the home and run through a transfer switch. Site preparation is included in your installation cost which typically costs $50-$75 per square foot.

Also included in installation costs are wiring the generator to the home, or hooking it up to a natural gas line if your generator is powered by natural gas. You’ll also supply the cost for any materials and equipment needed. Depending on where you live, you may have to pull permits in order to have a standby generator installed at your home.

Generator installation should always be done by a professional as attempting to do the work yourself could be dangerous and end up costing more in the long run.

Electrical Upgrades

Sometimes, especially in older houses, electrical upgrades are required to install your generator up to code. If that’s the case you’ll also be bearing the cost for any necessary electrical upgrades. This could include wiring, fuses, improving your electric panel, or any connector that is past its prime.

These electrical upgrades can easily tack on $1000 to your installation cost. The labor will cost roughly $65-$90 per hour plus the cost of supplies. You’ll also need to install a transfer switch, but that will be included in your quote.

Natural Gas Generator

If you purchased a natural gas generator then your installation costs may be a little different. If natural gas lines already run to your house then the cost will be lower. The extra expense comes from installing natural gas lines to the nearest hookup.

Hiring a plumber to install gas lines will run you roughly $700 if for a no-dig job and upwards of $1500 if the plumber has to dig a trench to install the gas line.

Natural gas generators typically use more fuel than other generators. While fuel usage is not part of installation cost, it is something to consider when selecting your generator.

So, How Much Does Generator Installation Cost?

Prices will vary depending on where you live, what type of generator you have, and the amount of work and upgrades required prior to installation. As a rule of thumb, the generator installation cost will run at least 75% of your purchase price. In the event of an emergency, having your generator properly installed will be worth every penny.

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