How Often Do You Need To Do A General Home Cleaning?

Tackling your household chores can sometimes be overwhelming. You find yourself trying your best to keep everything tidy and clean. It makes you wonder how often you need to clean things in your home. The answer might vary from one chore to the other. Some items in your home need to be cleaned daily, others weekly, some monthly, or even yearly.

Here’s a guide to help you know how often you need a general cleaning for different items in your home:

●      Daily

General, daily home cleaning mainly focuses on cleaning the essential items you use or the rooms you occupy daily. For example:

1.  Cleaning the coffee maker

As one of the most used appliances in your home, it needs to be cleaned daily. You simply remove the different parts and wash them in soapy, warm water or put them in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe. After that, wipe down the inside of the coffee plate to remove any coffee spills.

2.  Washing the dirty dishes

Washing dirty dishes is vital. If you leave them overnight, the chances of getting your sink covered by bacteria is very high. Try to wash your dirty dishes instantly or at least before you go to bed to avoid any bacterial growth.

3.  Sanitizing the sinks

Your kitchen sink is known to easily house bacterial growth. It is very important for it to stay sanitized. Use a good-sized soapy sponge to clean any marks off your sink. Then, plug the drain and fill the sink with warm water and bleach. Leave it for a couple of minutes until it is sanitized and then rinse thoroughly.

●      Weekly

Weekly home cleaning involves the things used on a regular basis. Many people prefer hiring professionals to help them out once a week in their general cleaning. As the folks over at explains, only professional cleaners will know how to clean different parts of the house properly. Living rooms may need a little more vacuuming, and the bathroom may need a stronger deodorizer. Hiring a professional can make sure you finish your weekly clean quickly and efficiently without losing quality. Here are examples of things that should be  cleaned at least weekly:

1.  Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms

Some people might think bathrooms and kitchens are the dirtiest things in their homes. Well, they are true. However, if you make sure they get cleaned weekly, your kitchen and bathrooms will be less likely to harbor any harmful bacteria.

2.  Cleaning the inside of your kitchen appliances

Cleaning the inside of your kitchen’s appliances is crucial as these are the places where your food comes directly into contact with. You need to make sure your fridge and microwave are cleaned weekly.

3.  Vacuuming your floors and furniture

Your floors and furniture are known to get dirty or dusty every so often. Cleaning them weekly will ensure they stay as neat and comfy as possible for you and your household.

●      Monthly

Your monthly cleaning chores are for the things that help you out in cleaning. For instance:

1.  Cleaning the washing machine and the dishwasher

Every washing machine needs a monthly cycle as a refresh from all the previously washed dirty items. All you have to do is start a normal cycle with warm water and add some vinegar to it without any washing detergent.

2.  Cleaning the vacuum

In order to clean your vacuum, you need to get rid of the dust bag inside it. Just simply replace the old, dusty filter with a new one. This will also improve the efficiency of the vacuum.

●      Yearly or every 3-6 months

Even though these cleaning tasks can be easily forgotten because of how long they go uncleaned, try not to let them slip away. For example:

1.  Give your pillows a wash

Although your pillow sheets need to be changed and cleaned more frequently, your pillows do need to be cleaned. Throw your pillows into the washer every 3-6 months. Make sure they get a gentle cycle with warm water to clean them from any bacteria.

2.  Clean your curtains

Your curtains are the greatest trap for dust. Make sure you get them washed or cleaned every now and then for a more fresh and healthy home.

Cleaning your home should not be hectic or overwhelming as you often expect if you make sure you clean things regularly. If you ensure that general home cleaning becomes one of your good habits, you will be facing greasy or dusty surfaces less often. Additionally, your house will become bacteria-free, which means a healthier life for you and your family. Just be sure to not let the irregularly cleaned things go unnoticed.

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