How Solar Panels Are Installed

Did you know that solar panel installation has increased by 43% since 2020? Solar panels have many benefits for homeowners and their popularity continues to rise.

Have you considered having solar panels installed on your home but aren’t sure how it’s done? Do you know the process solar panel installers go through so that homes can run on solar energy?

The following guide will explain all the steps solar panel installers take. Read on to learn if the service is right for your home.

Solar Panel Survey

First, a solar panel installation company needs to evaluate your home’s electrical system. Qualified installation companies such as Blue Raven Solar make sure your current system can handle the amps of your new system.

They also inspect your roof to make sure it can accommodate the weight of solar panels. Then, they’ll determine if you need any special mounting for your roof type.

Solar Permits

Next, your solar installer will obtain local electrical and building permits for you. They’ll also handle the interconnection agreement with your utility company for metering.

You can usually use rebates, tax credits, or other financial aid after completing this paperwork. It helps to offset installation and the upfront costs of panels.

It usually takes installers severe weeks to submit the paperwork and for the information to get processed. Follow up a few times each week to ensure the process goes as quickly as possible.

Ordering Equipment

The solar company can order your equipment once all the paperwork gets completed. You will have already chosen panel types, batteries, and inverters by this point.

The company adds your name to its queue after your solar equipment gets ordered. An installer will construct your panels once they’re received from the distributor.

Getting Solar Panels Installed

On the day of installation, the installer starts prepping your roof. Next, Then, they place the wiring that’s required to connect your new solar energy system to the electrical grid.

Then your installer installs the racking that secures the panels in place. The panels get set into the racking and the inverter gets attached to the panels.

Installation times depend on your home’s size and the number of panels. Usually, the process takes about one to three days to complete.

Approval and Connection

Typically, a government representative needs to approve the system and issue a PTO. Your installer can turn the system on a get it running after approval.

You’ll also need to have your local utility company connect the system to the electrical grid. This lets you use electricity as needed and send excess energy back to the grid for credits.

Ready for Solar Installation?

Now you know how professionals work to get solar panels installed. There’s plenty of planning, permits, and labor involved to get a solar system up and running. Home Solar can also be done easily by professionals.

Luckily, using a professional solar company makes the process very straightforward and easy! Check out the rest of our site for more excellent home improvement tips.

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