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Tanning is one of the most popular activities in the world. People from all walks of life love to get a sun-kissed glow, but it’s not always easy to maintain that lovely color. If you’re looking to keep your tan throughout spring and summer, here are some helpful tips on how to care for it.

Use High-Quality spray tan

Spray tans are a wonderful way to achieve a beautiful golden glow without having to spend hours in the sun. However, there’s a lot more than just applying the product that goes into getting the perfect spray tan. You must choose a high-quality spray tan such as the spray tan in Brisbane Southside and apply it properly so that your skin doesn’t get damaged by harmful chemicals or get burned by too much sun exposure. It can seem like there are so many different brands of spray tans out there, but if you know what qualities to look for when shopping around and follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to find one that will meet all of your needs:

  • Choose between airbrush and traditional applications based on how much time you want to spend getting ready each day
  • Look for products with DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) concentrations of at least 5% or higher, the FDA has determined this amount safe for use in humans
  • Pick up something with an SPF rating of 15+ if using outside during the summer months; this will help protect against UVA/UVB rays

Use natural skincare

The first thing you can do for your tan skin is to swap out some of the products on your bathroom counter. Synthetic ingredients like parabens and alcohol can cause your skin to dry out and become irritated. To avoid these problems, use natural skincare products instead. You’ll find that they smell much better than commercial brands too.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter are some of the best ingredients for moisturizing this type of skin. They’re also inexpensive if you buy them in bulk. These products should be fragrance-free so that they don’t irritate sensitive skin further by adding chemicals into the mix (which could potentially make things worse).

Wear Sunscreen

The best way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is by using sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30. Apply it at least 30 minutes before going outside and reapply it every 2 hours (or more often if you’re sweating or swimming). You should also use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays since they’ve been linked to different types of skin cancer.

You can also wear protective clothing like hats, glasses with UV protection, and long sleeves. If you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period, consider wearing sun-protective clothing or even covering it up with clothes that are darker than the shade you wear during the rest of the year.


If you want to maintain your tan, you need to moisturize. This is especially true if you’re using a sunless tanning lotion or spray. For the best results, follow these tips:

  • Choose a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher. You can use this even if you don’t get out in the sun much, it will keep your skin looking healthy and glowing all year long.
  • Be sure it is oil-free (otherwise it will cause breakouts).
  • Make sure it is fragrance-free because scented products can irritate sensitive skin types or lead to allergic reactions when used on top of fake tans. That said, use unscented products anyway because they tend not to have any added chemicals like parabens that might irritate the road (and let’s face it: no one needs another reason for their sensitive skin).
  • Look for hypoallergenic formulas that won’t clog pores as well as water-resistant ones so there’s less risk of staining clothes after applying them during sweaty workouts at home or outdoorsy activities like swimming lessons with little ones.

Don’t try to get too tan too fast.

You should never try to get too tan too fast. This can be done by using a tanning bed, self-tanning lotion, or pills that are supposed to give you a quick tan. All of these methods can cause damage to your skin and put you at risk for skin cancer. The best way to avoid overdoing it is by using SPF 45 sunscreen whenever you go outside. If this doesn’t seem like enough protection for your needs, consider wearing a hat or staying inside until the sun goes down.

Sculp Care

  • Body scrubs: These are great because they can exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt and oil from your skin. You can use a body scrub before or after you shower to get the most out of it, but if you’re in a rush, just apply the scrub on dry skin and then rinse it off. 
  • Loofahs: Similar to body scrubs, loofahs work by removing dead skin cells so that your tan looks its best. If you want something a bit more gentle than a body scrub, try using a loofah instead. It’s easy to wash off after use so there’s no need for any extra products like lotion or moisturizer afterward (unless you need one).
  • Body brushes: Whether they’re made from natural bristles like boar hair or synthetic ones like nylon-bristle brushes, these are great because they help exfoliate without removing any actual top layers of your epidermis (unlike some other methods). That means that not only will you be able to see results faster than ever before but also make sure that long-term effects aren’t compromised either.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo: Taking care of your hair is also important, you should use a high-quality anti-dandruff shampoo such as anti dandruff shampoo in Australia which is a shampoo that helps you get rid of dandruff and prevents future outbreaks of the same. It’s not a cure for dandruff, but with regular use, it can help eliminate symptoms like itching and flaking. The best thing about an anti-dandruff shampoo is that they’re fairly easy to use. You just need to wash your hair with it once in a while, and you’ll be good to go!


While a tan can look great and everything, it’s not recommended that you go out of your way to get one. If you do happen to have an accident with the sun, though, you must take care of your skin as soon as possible. The best thing for this is to use a moisturizer with SPF in it or even just some lotion that has been mixed with a bit of sunscreen.

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