How to choose a perfect cheese board?

Looking forward to creating a perfect cheese platter and impressing your guests or even organizing your own cheese and wine tasting party? Great idea, as a perfect charcuterie starts from a perfect charcuterie board and today we will get to know what you have to pay attention to to make the right choice.

Important things you have to remember choosing a cheese board:

  • Material
  • Cutlery
  • Structure & Design


Cheeseboards are made of a variety of materials: plastic, marble, wooden, slate, stone, or even glass. But what material is the best one to choose as each of them has its pros and cons? In our opinion, the best material for cutlery board is bamboo and let us give you a short explanation of our choice.

Bamboo has its natural antibacterial properties, even those few that penetrates the surface, making bamboo just the right fit in the appearance of safety for your health and a “superpower” to prevent a large charcuterie board from a nasty smell and mixing the tastes of products you use on your wood charcuterie board. A durable bamboo structure will also keep your wood charcuterie board good as new for years with just a breeze of care.

In conclusion: your crackers won’t taste like Brie, and you will be safe from getting stomach trouble.


Various types of cheese boards may or may not include a cutlery set, but we recommend you select the bamboo charcuterie board set which includes a cutlery set, the more cutlery, the better. But what cutlery units are a must-have for a perfect tasting? Get to remember this list:

  • Spreader knife
  • Serving knife
  • Heart knife
  • Thin knife
  • Chisel knife
  • Pronged knife
  • Cocktail forks (would be a great addition for a cutlery board and a huge benefit if included)

Structure & Design

You always have to keep in mind that the large charcuterie board is supposed to be well structured, durable, and easy to carry around. So, pay attention to the following list:

  • Charcuterie board has to have side handles included
  • A perfect wood charcuterie board has to have deep serving grooves in its structure so you would be comfy about creating your own design
  • Charcuterie board has to have safe storage for cutlery set, so you won’t need to worry about its storage and clutter
  • Charcuterie board has to be easy to clean and maintain

Best charcuterie board in our opinion

We have checked numerous quantities of charcuterie boards on the market and left our best choice for the Royal Craft Wood charcuterie board with side trays and handles. This is the perfect example of what the perfect charcuterie board has to look like.

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