How to Choose Steeples for Churches: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever stopped to admire a church steeple? Are you wondering how they choose steeples for churches? Are you wanting to pick one for your own church?

The steeple is a long-standing tradition of churches and their unique style. Without a steeple, a church doesn’t quite have the same interest.

If you want to learn more about the steeple-choosing process, keep reading. You’ll learn all you need to know down below!

Check the Safety Regulations

The first thing any church needs to do is check that they have the right structure to safely host a steeple. All the best styles for steeples don’t matter if there isn’t a proper anchor in place.

When trying to figure out your church steeple budget, make sure that the safety preparations are also calculated into the cost.

Plan the Right Size and Height

There are many different steeple sizes to choose between but you don’t want to go with something too large for your building. The best ratio is to pick a steeple that is close to the same height as the building. Anything larger and you risk a safety hazard during strong winds.

Going too small is also a bad idea because then it looks disproportionate to the rest of the church.

The good news is that many church steeple manufacturers offer steeples in a wide variety of heights and shapes. The experts at American Steeples, for example, have many high-quality steeples available for any church!

Pick a Lasting Material

Since the steeple is such an iconic part of a church, it’s important to choose a material that is durable while still looking beautiful. Although there are different steeple materials to choose from, the best and most common is fiberglass.

This kind of material stands up against harsh weather storms while also standing up against the test of time. Unlike older steeples that gain a patina after a while, this material never changes in color.

This makes certain that the steeple keeps its regal appearance for many years to come!

Think About the Details

Once you have a good foundation set for the steeple, it’s time to put your focus on the details. These are the features that’ll make your steeple unique.

You can choose to have intricate engravings etched into the panels of the steeple or choose a different color to make it stand out. Select a pattern of windows to allow extra light to bounce off the steeple or place a cross at the tip for extra symbolism.

If you’re ever uncertain where to start, get together with the congregation to figure out what everyone would like best!

Knowing How to Choose Steeples for Churches Brings Joy to the Entire City

When you choose steeples for churches, you’re not only choosing for the church and its congregation. A steeple is a beautiful architectural feat that everyone within the entire area can appreciate.

It’s the perfect way to bring joy to a whole bunch of people without any extra effort. Keeping that in mind makes the choosing process even easier!

Don’t forget to learn even more about fascinating building aspects by browsing through the rest of our Architecture section!

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