How to Choose the Best Gender Reveal Gifts?

The gender of an expected baby is often disclosed to the awaiting parents, their family, and close friends at a party. Presenting gender reveal gifts to the parents-to-be on this occasion is a kind thought and would be most appreciated by the recipients.

Either the couple themselves host the party, or loved ones organize this fun celebration for them. Whoever plays host has the privilege and responsibility of choosing the gender reveal medium.

To retain the surprise element, the doctor, instead of disclosing the baby’s gender to the parents out loud, writes it down. This note is then handed over to the event organizer, or even directly to the caterer (or baker, if the gender reveal medium is a cake)

Choosing Appropriate Gifts

Gender reveal gifts are not only thoughtful gestures, but they also contribute significantly to the celebratory tone of the occasion. It is an exciting time for the parents as they gear up to welcome their latest addition to the family.

During baby showers, parents are usually gifted with all they need to welcome a baby. Durable babycare items like strollers and carriers make for useful presents. If the couple already has older kids, disposable baby requirements such as wet wipes, diapers, etc., are most welcome.

On the other hand, gender reveal parties that are usually hosted closer to the baby’s arrival are an opportunity to pamper the parents-to-be. Keep in mind the following when shopping for appropriate gifts to carry to such a party:

  • If you are keen on gifting the unborn little girl or boy, opt for a gender-neutral buy
  • When presenting food or drink to the couple, make sure your selection can be enjoyed by the expectant mother. Alcohol, cold cuts, raw fish, and soft cheeses are best avoided as these are not recommended for consumption by pregnant women. Load them up with healthy snacks or sweet treats instead.
  • A collective gift for both partners encourages the couple to spend quality time before the baby arrives. Reward them with a relaxing spa package, a dinner date, couples massage, or a matching mug set for Mom and Dad.
  • Personal gifts for the Mom-to-be like delicate Mommy-inspired jewelry, a plush robe, comfy slippers, or compression socks make her feel loved and special. To remind her to stay hydrated, stylish, and cute water bottles work wonders. All these she will happily welcome and use in her current state.
  • Choose gifts that are practical to use, yet, exciting and fun for the recipient once unwrapped.

Whether you gift the Mom, Dad, or both together, give them a reason to cherish your sweet thought and generosity. Offering your services to help organize the gender reveal party, should the parents-to-be choose to host it, is also a gift: the gift of time, and they will appreciate it tremendously.

Considering the expectant Mom and her partner are already coping with a lot, this celebration will help them unwind. Celebrating this joyous moment with all their loved ones is a bonus for the happy twosome.

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