How to Choose the best LED lights for your Garage

Garages are for different purposes. These are generally task-oriented spaces for parking cars, storage or construction projects. The setup entirely depends on the Garage’s lighting layout; it requires bright uniform lighting across the entire area.

This can be done by choosing necessary light fixtures like shop lights, high bays, LED tubes.

The fixture choice essentially depends on the Garage’s purpose, whether used as a parking space or recreational space, i.e., a workshop for crafts, maintenance of cars etc. In such cases, the use of supplementary lighting or task-oriented lights becomes essential.

Secondary lights illuminate the workbench while dealing with tasks and enhance the space’s general visibility and comfort.

When it comes to lighting LED is the best choice for any fixture, they have the best functional life with certain benefits.

While choosing the best LED lights for your Garage, it is important to note the Garage’s basic layout and determine the primary and supplemental lighting fixtures accordingly.

Here are a few options to consider from a range of lighting fixtures.

For General Lighting:

For a typical lighting layout that is general lighting for visibility and ambience, the go-to options are:

LED high bays

If the Garage ceiling height extends above 15 feet, the best lighting fixture for general illumination is a LED high bay light. They are sleek, modern, and come in various shapes and sizes suited for high ceilings and ambient lighting needs.

LED wraparound lights

Wraparound lights are efficient light fixtures to provide uniform light distribution in all directions. They deliver lights from the bottom and all sides while consuming less power than their traditional counterparts. They are available in 2-foot and 4-foot fixtures best suited for LED garage lighting layout. LED wraparound lights are affordable and require little to no maintenance.

For task lighting:

LED shp lights

These are high performance linear LED garage light fixtures. Their typical assembly is of one or more LED tubes. These fixtures are durable, affordable and efficient. Mounting is safe and comfortable; they can both be surface mounted or suspend from the ceiling through hooks and chains. They tend to disperse the light uniformly in a multidirectional beam, depending on their design.

LED downlights

Downlights are certainly the most versatile light fixtures to date. For low ceiling garages with an additional need for task-oriented bright lights at a workbench or ambient lighting for a storage area, recessed light fixtures are a good bet.

They are available in different trims and installation options, which works best as supplemental lighting.

Essentially, there are various LED garage light fixtures to choose from based on the needs of the lighting specific to a particular garage layout, such as LED tubes, canopy lights, vapour-tight fixtures and other fixtures that are listed safe of use in workspaces.

How to determine the lumen requirement?

To meet the Garage’s lumen requirement, it is necessaryto have a layout designed specificallyfor the Garage. The required calculations are made on the total area in square feet. The layout in hand, which involves illumination and distribution, is determined based on the zones dedicated to tasks and general location.

By dividing this, it gets easier to distribute lumens and form a calculated layout design.

The next step, which is the fixture choice, is automatically determined once the lumens are calculated.

For example, if a particular parking garage requires 20000 lumens, and a certain LED fixture emits 2500 lumens, then a total of 8 fixtures can fulfill this requirement.


LED lights are considered the most economical choice when it comes to any lighting layout. When it comes to garages, as functional spaces, planning is essential as they tend to be isolated workspaces with no natural light source.

These light fixtures can be integrated with dimmers and motion sensors for safety and compliance. The proper placement and choice of LED ensure the fixture’s longevity while being as efficient and economical as it gets.

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