How to Convert BTC to NRG? – A Comprehensive Guide

When you are looking for a place to convert BTC to NRG, you want to find a reliable platform that offers convenient conditions. For some traders, also the absence of KYC procedures matters because it allows to save time and avoid submitting sensitive data online.

 If you consider also that NRG is not among the currencies with top liquidity, and thus, it is not supported by many platforms, the task complicates significantly. But still, there are reliable platforms where you can exchange BTC to NRG with profitable conditions. Choose the platform very carefully, based on a number of specific criteria to avoid scams and losing your money. Here, we have prepared a short guide on how to choose a reliable platform to swap your coins.

How to Choose a Platform to Convert Crypto

First of all, check whether the platform`s website is protected. The very basic security measure that is a must if the website deals with information or money is the application of an SSL certificate. If the website URL starts with https, it means that the website is safe, and all the information that you provide is encrypted.

Further, check whether the exchange supports the needed coins. While there are exchanges that support several hundred coins, such as LetsExchange, other platforms might perform transactions among 5-6 coins only. If the platform doesn’t have your coin, you cannot use the platform doesn’t matter how good it is.

After that, check whether there are no major complaints about the exchange online. There are numerous resources where users leave their feedback about companies, including exchanges. One of the most trusted resources is Trustpilot. Check what complaints are and if you are ready to face them. Based on the feedback, you can decide whether you are going to use the service or not.

Chat with customer support. Any unpleasant situation might occur anytime, and it is needed to have a specialist by you whatever happens.

Once you have found a suitable platform, you can move on to the exchange procedure.

How to Exchange BTC to NRG

Usually, the entire exchange procedure can be performed within a couple of clicks. All the platforms do their best to make all the processes as fast and painless as possible. Normally, it looks like described below:

  • In the top dropdown menu, you choose a cryptocurrency to sell and indicate the number of coins to sell;
  • In the lower dropdown menu, you choose a cryptocurrency to buy.
  • You make a deposit.
  • The system looks for more suitable rates across different exchanges and picks the deal that is the most convenient for the client. You are just waiting for the result, there is nothing to do meanwhile.
  • Once the deal is found, an order is placed automatically, the transfer is completed, and the money is transferred to the wallet of the user. That’s it, everything is pretty straightforward.

Now, you are ready to exchange not only BTC to NRG but any other coins. If you want to swap fiat, be ready to pass KYC procedures.

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