How to convert ltc to btc anonymously

To begin with, we note that all the methods given below assume that you already have a cryptocurrency. You could inherit it, exchange it, buy it, etc. But if you do not have digital assets, and you do not want to disclose your identity, then you can use the following methods, and to convert ltc to btc will be much easier.

Decentralized exchanges

The beauty of decentralized exchanges, compared to centralized ones, is that you don’t need to verify your identity to trade or exchange them. It should be noted that the use of decentralized exchange platforms does not guarantee complete anonymity. But the fact that personal documents do not have to be provided is already playing into the hands. To use the services of decentralized exchanges, you need a crypto wallet, on the balance of which there must be cryptocurrency. As you know, registering a crypto wallet does not require anything other than an email address, so finding out the real identity will be more difficult than usual. In addition, the set of rules on centralized exchanges has long indicated that using a VPN can lead to permanent blocking of an account, with all funds in the account. There are no such rules on decentralized exchanges, so using a VPN can increase the chances of maintaining anonymity.

Buying cryptocurrency from miners

One of the good options, but only if you know the miner personally. What we get by purchasing cryptocurrency directly from the miner:

  • The exchange will take place in person. As a rule, miners exchange cryptocurrency for cash, so when transferring a transaction, you need to wait for one confirmation of the network (you need two), and then give the money. The option of fraud is excluded.
  • It cannot happen that the miner runs out of cryptocurrency because this is his main activity. Therefore, it will be possible to purchase the desired coins at any time.
  • Since the payment will be in cash, you will be given a discount because miners need cash to pay for operating expenses.
  • The transfer of cryptocurrency will be from another crypto wallet, so you won’t have to somehow shine your identity, at least in the digital space.

However, there is one risk that no one is immune from. Having come for an exchange, money can be taken from you by force – these are the harsh realities.

Using drops or virtual identity

Drop – data of a real person, on which exchange operations will be performed by another person. The description of the concept directly says that it is not legal. When a person introduces himself with a different name and surname and also has fake documents, no one will pat him on the head for that.

However, whatever this method is, it completely preserves the identity of the user of the drop. You can go through verification at any crypto exchange, exchanger, and other places where identity verification is required to purchase cryptocurrency.

In addition to drops, you can resort to creating a virtual personality. On the Internet, there is not a single service that will help you create a fictitious name, provide a photo, as well as an email and phone number, to register for the service you need. There is only one problem here: no one will provide documents, so a virtual identity can be used only where there is no mandatory identity verification.


To reduce the chances of your de-anonymization, it is recommended that you use end-to-end encrypted email services. Emails cannot be read without a special password code, and the IP address is not tracked.

You should understand that each of the above methods does not guarantee the safety of your anonymity, but at least they increase the chances.

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