How to Create Quality Content for Your Marketing Campaign In 2019

When we search for something online, thousands of websites are displayed on our screen. For instance, consider that you are typing the words “best US shirt designs” in the search box of Google. Once you click the “search” button, several links would be displayed on your screen. Your first move would be to click the top rank as it would be counted as most reliable. Why do some websites get ranked higher than their counterparts? Content quality is one of the many reasons for this. If a website does not have quality content, it becomes impossible to get ranked on the search engine rank list. In addition to that, when you talk about content quality, the originality of the content is most important.  You have to use Plagiarism tool to make sure the quality of your written work.

Why do search engines rate content originality highly? Why are websites with copied content not ranked highly?

Understanding content ethics and originality rules

How is content on a certain topic created? A content developer simply does not grab a keyboard and start typing as content cannot be written until the thought process has been completed. Content developers have to go through a hard process before they finally put their thoughts on paper. They need to have a list of ideas, points, and elaborated thoughts before they finally start typing things. In a nutshell, developing content is not an easy process. It requires comprehensive domain knowledge, writing skills and paraphrasing qualities. When content developers put in so much effort, copying content written by them without following any regulations is obviously not permitted.  When you talk about copying web content, various strict actions are executed by Google and other search engines to ensure that it does not happen.

  • Websites that have copied content go through numerous penalties applied by Google and other search engines. For instance, if you have copied content on display, you would not be ranked on the SERP list which means zero traffic. When people would not visit your website, it would not produce any revenue and the purpose of having a professional website would be eliminated. Today, most brands have a website to generate money through online sales. If they are unable to achieve this goal, there is no reason to have a website. Hence, if you want your website to have traffic and be among the top ranks, the content has to be developed from the start in every way. Copied content is nothing but a negative aspect for brand productivity.

How can you use existing content in a legitimate manner?

Can existing content be used in the first place? A lot of brand owners do not have any answer to this question. As a result, they do not even glance at competitor websites to get an idea. There is no restriction in terms of looking at other websites to get an idea. You can always look at the websites of your competitors or similar websites to know how the content has been published. There are no limitations that you cannot grasp an idea from already written content. All content developers do have a clear look at the information already published on the internet. This obviously gives them a better idea of the areas they have to explore. You cannot stand out in terms of content if you do not know about the topic sections on which information has already been written. However, this obviously does not mean that the information can be copied and used for your own purposes.

  • Rephrasing is absolutely essential if you are grabbing an idea from already written content. This simply means that if you think that the idea is worth writing on, you need to present the content in your own words. This simply means that you have to rephrase already written content.
  • Giving due credit to the actual author is always a good practice. If you have selected a particular online source to gather material for your own website, you need to give due credit so that the readers know where the information has been taken from. There are a number of ways to do this. For instance, you can provide a link of the actual source in your content so that the readers know whether the content has actually been extracted from.
  • Copying content is simply an unethical act due to a number of reasons. First of all, you are using information that actually belongs to someone else so you cannot use it without giving due credit. For instance, students use various online journals, digital libraries, websites, portals and countless other sources to gather information and complete the word count. This simply does not mean that the any part of the information is copied from any of the sources. Instead of copying content, you should rephrase it so that due credit can be given to the actual author. In case of academic assignments, copying content simply means strict penalty. Academic institutions use the latest software application to get a clear confirmation about originality of content.

How does a plagiarism checker make serious difference?

The submission of plagiarized content may not be intentional in every case. Let us go through an example. When students are working on an academic assignment, they have to gather written content from several sources including journals and websites. Once they have collected sufficient material, it is compiled before the rephrasing actually begins.

  • Academic assignments are usually lengthy in terms of content length. For instance, if students are working on dissertations, they have to paraphrase thousands of words. When such a large word count is being rephrased, students do skip lines or even complete paragraphs. This simply means that the content which has been skipped goes copied. In other words, students submit plagiarized content. This is where the problem starts. When their assignments are graded, research supervisors reject them or award a low grade due to copied content. Using a plagiarism checker is simply an amazing option because it does not leave any room for error.

How is using a plagiarism checker helpful?

A plagiarism checking soft wares makes things much easy for students as well as web content developers. To start with, you can save long hours spent on proofreading content. Once you have written content, it simply cannot be submitted without proper proofreading and content checking. Proofreading is not something that gets done quickly particularly if the content is being checked for plagiarism.

  • Using a plagiarism checker is much easier than reading each line of the written content and ensuing that it has been rephrased properly. Even if you think that it has been rephrased, it would still have copied content so taking chances is not smart thinking.
  • What is the working process of a plagiarism checker? This is one key question which most people have. In simple terms, a plagiarism checker compares the content you have written with the information already present on the internet. In other words, a comparative analysis between what you have written and already published content is performed. If you have copied something, that particular paragraph or set of lines is highlighted. On the other hand, if you read through each line, you would have to spend very long hours to complete the checking process.
  • Getting 100% assurance is important when you are checking content originality and no chances can be taken in this relation. Plagiarism checking applications are technological options and the chances of anything getting skipped simply does not exist. When you use these applications, the possibilities even submitting plagiarized content unintentionally are eliminated. Secondly, these technological applications cut down on the effort used for checking. Unlike human proofreading, they do not consume hours to determine whether the written content is 100% original or not.

Summing it up

Plagiarism is a seriously offensive factor for content submission. When you are submitting content for academic assignments or publishing it for websites, checking plagiarism possibilities is absolutely essential. You need to understand that there is no turning back after the content has been submitted. Hence, taking all the required precautions is absolutely important.

  • Using plagiarism checking soft wares actually makes serious difference to content originality. With these applications, you do not have to get tensed about whether the submitted content is plagiarism free or not. A dependable plagiarism checking software solves all troubles within no time.
  • The important thing is that you should be sure about the reliability of the plagiarism checking software. A simple fact is that all such soft wares are not dependable. Hence, it is always good to check the reputation of the software before you actually count on it.
  • The best thing about these applications is that they are extremely easy to use. One does not have to be an IT professional to use them. To start with, you need to paste the content you have created in the provided text box. After that, the software would check it with the content present online. Based on this comparison, if any part of the content is copied, it would be highlighted. This is when you would be required to rephrase it and check it again.

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