How To Cut Tile With Oscillating Tool? Why Oscillating Tool Blades for Tile?

Currently, tiles are one of the primary and most used materials in building construction for both purposes- interior design and exterior beautification. It is a sophisticated construction element that requires some delicate handling, especially while being cut.

For cutting tiles, you will need the help of several tools, for instance, tile cutter or nipper for cutting, tile file for shaping and finishing. Sometimes you may even need a driller for some technical cutting necessity. It is unnecessary to explain that the work takes time, and tools cost some extra amount.

Is there any way to get rid of these problems? Is it possible to do the job by a single tool and within relatively less time? Yes, you can! Running the mighty blades of an oscillating tool is the best way to get your purpose served! The cutting precision you can get with an oscillating tool is not possible with any other means.

Figuring out the right oscillating tool blades for tile and knowing the best way to apply those on tiles (for cutting) are the main challenges. Let’s get some details about these.

Why Use Oscillating Multi-Tool for Tile Cutting?

How to cut tile? According to DIY people, an oscillating tool is the best amongst tile cutting tools. Experts have certified this too. Why?

The simple answer is- you can use it for multiple types of tile cutting smoothly without the help of other tools. It can be used for regular straight tile cutting while being used for small edge cutting or making center holes. Polishing them and making them excellent-fit for the purpose.

For making both intricate and curve cut, there is no alternative other than an oscillating tool. Most amazingly, you can create different shapes of the tiles and designs on the flooring for beautification using the tool blades effortlessly. Tile trimming, how much it is necessary, is a simple task for an oscillating tool.

Installing a mailbox, putting a switchboard, or for whatever reasons you cut tiles, oscillating tool blades offer better and more accurate results compared to other tile cutting tools and devices. Amazingly, using the oscillating tool would precisely show where the cut will go, which will make you cut more accurately. As said above, never you can expect such precision through any manual cutting. And, last but not least that compared to the accumulative cost for all tile cutting tools, an oscillating tool will minimize your expenses.

How To Cut Tile With Oscillating Tool?

No matter if you never experienced tile cutting with an oscillating tool, the way is pretty much straightforward and requires a simple understanding. It requires standard knowledge and caution about the tool running-mechanism. Here is the most simple guideline:

  • Buy the right blades for your oscillating tool to cut the tile. A tile or ceramic specific blade should be the most accurate one to serve your purpose. For softer tiles (unless more robust), you can take carbide blades; for tougher tiles, on the other hand, take the diamond blades and install them into your oscillating tool.

  • Mark the area of the tiles that you want to cut before you start cutting. Take a ruler and pencil for marking the outline. Use a permanent marker if the tile is glossy.

  • Put on some safety gears, i.e., goggles for eyes, plugs for ears, and respirator for the nose to avoid the chipping tile and inhaling dust. For your kind information, tile cutting generates much mess, so these things will be necessary while cutting the tile.

  • Plug the tool in the power socket and check if it’s working well. If you are using a cordless version, then power on and check similarly. However, we suggest corded models for enhanced cutting capacity.

  • It’s time to cut! Put the tiles down through any area where you get enough space and comfort position, for example, a workbench, when you cut a spare tile. While cutting, hold the tile firmly for the best outcome. If you plan to use the tool like a circular saw, plan in a way that you’re cropping the above edge for simple entrance. If you’re dealing with a wall tile, give a plunge cut slowly along the pre-marked area. Proceed step by step and slowly. Clean the dust if it is much in amount or creates a disturbance. You may give cooling oil over the outlined tile areas, which will prevent the blades from being overheated.

Last Words

Having an oscillating tool is like having a multi-function cable tester. Such a cable tester can test a wide variety of cables while an oscillating tool can cut multiple objects in different ways. You need nothing but change the blades according to your necessity. Buying an oscillating tool is a worthy investment, therefore. And, when you need to cut tiles flawlessly, it is the best tool amongst all other available options.

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