How to Find Exclusive Amazon, Walmart & eBay Deals & Coupons with Cash back Offers

Amazon, Walmart and eBay – are the favorite of millions of consumers looking for physical goods as well as software. Amazon and Walmart collectively accounted for more than 68% of the online sales in 2017, according to Statista.

Chances are high that you might be having their apps installed on your phone. Want to save more, and get cashback on your purchases?

How to find exclusive Amazon, Walmart & eBay Deals & Coupons with cash back offers? Check out these quick and easy tips.

1. Do Some Google Search

This is the easiest way to find deals and coupons that you can redeem at your favorite stores, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay or other places. Use the right keywords or phrases combining brand names with the term discounts or cashback. For instance, Amazon discount coupon or Amazon cashback. The search results could be confusing. You come across hundreds of sites claiming to offer them. Look for their customer reviews and feedbacks before you start your shopping.

2. Check with App Distribution Platforms

Explore trusted platforms like Google Play, iOS App Store or Windows Store as per your phone device to find a user-friendly app. You may use the same Google search techniques here as well. However, it’s important that you read their titles, subtitles, descriptions and, most importantly the reviews. Negative reviews could be more helpful.

Image Credit: Kiindly

Title and sub-titles of a cash back app (Kiindly) are shown in the above image. The description parts come later. Crate a list of apps that are compatible to your device and have good feedback or review.

Before you download any, make sure the Walmart deals or anything that you are looking for are available with the app. The description section is most likely to contain that information.

3. Check with Technology Journal/Review Platforms

Technology journals or review platforms like Cnet, PC Magazine, Techradar, Mashable, etc. often cover news or reviews regarding trusted entities or brands that are likely to disrupt the market and benefit consumers. Such platforms take utmost care before publishing anything on their websites. Check top rated coupon or discount apps or websites. You are likely to have their links also on their websites to download or browse.

4. Seek Recommendations

Take suggestions of friends or family who are already using some coupons or deals websites or apps. Perhaps, this is the best way to find reliable online shopping options. Some online retailers do offer referral bonus to existing users. Your friend or family member also gets benefited from your signup and purchases.

5. Check Influencer-Driven Promotion Websites and Social Channels

Coupons and cash back business owners often contact influencer marketers to promote their websites or apps to their audience. Influencer marketers often review the product before sharing it in their network. Who are influencer marketers? Well, this is a newly evolved class of professionals in the digital marketing discipline who have built a considerable trust on the Web and social media. They generally have a great deal of traffic on their websites and a huge fan following on their social networks, which they often capitalize by endorsing products or services from third-parties. So this might be helpful.

Here is a word of caution too! As this is a paid marketing so some influencers might exaggerate the product/service they are promoting. How to find such influencer’s channels or websites? Google Search or YouTube has the answer. Try search queries like top places to find eBay discount coupon or something similar, and Google or YouTube is most likely to honor your request with some relevant suggestions.

Hope the discussion will help you with your quest of finding the desired shopping deals. Comment your thoughts. Do share some suggestions that you believe can help fellow beings to shop smartly and save big.

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