How To Find The Best Manufacturers Of Gas Compressors?

A compressor is a machine like a siphon both are utilized to press a liquid and can move a similar liquid through a funnel. A gas compressor is a machine mostly used to transport natural gas through pipe lines by most of the natural gas companies. This machine compresses the volume of the natural gas using a high pressure and enables the natural gas to flow through huge pipelines without any decline in the pressure and move forward. The PDC Machines Manufactures Process Gas compressors for Industrial applications.

Gas compressors are of two types –

  1. Positive Displacement
  2. Dynamic Gas Compressors.

Positive Displacement is further divided into two parts a) Rotary b) Reciprocating.

Reciprocating Compressor:

This includes a lot of geometries and arrangements. It is a combination of liquid ring, lobe, screw scroll, vane gas compressors Like diaphragm, double and single acting compressors. The working begins with the combination of helical screw rotating machines and piston compressors. Positive displacement machine i.e reciprocating piston and rotary screw machine are the best for industrial use. Reciprocating compressors use piston movements to help the gas move from low to higher pressure levels. The single cylinders function on one suction and discharge area option whereas double acting compressors possess two discharge and suction areas.

Rotary Compressor:

It is a screw compressor that performs suction, compression and discharge functions. It has two helical screws designed in a casing with gas inlet discharge points at both ends. This air compressor is oil wetted/ oil free generally used in construction, mining, industrial refrigeration and many other applications because it is simple, reliable and highly suitable for processed gases.

Dynamic Compressor:

They are divided into two a) Centrifugal and Axial flow b) Turbo Expander.

Dynamic compressors are also called centrifugal machines that impart speed to a gas stream and convert it into pressure energy. It has a rotating impeller to accelerate, decelerate and turn the gas by applying inertial force. It includes axial flow machines that have low to medium pressure range to handle high flow volume with flexible power requirements.

Turbo Expander:

It is an expansion turbine that expands gas with high pressure to produce work. It is a single unit compressor machine with two components namely Radical Inflow Expansion and a Booster compressor both combined together. The development turbine fills in as a force unit and the compressor as a drive unit. It effectively produces refrigeration in the process gas stream. It has a single shaft connected to its wheels.


The compressors are used to transport natural gas through pipelines to the consumers by increasing the pressure and reducing the volume of gas. Compressors and pumps have similar working principles and both are helpful in increasing the pressure of the gas in order to transport it to the pipelines. Because the gases are compressible, the volume needs to be reduced using compressors. Pumps are good for liquid transports as most of the liquids are in compressible. So if you are looking for process gas compressors choose them wisely by considering the quality of service they render.  Visit 

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