How to Get More Subscribers On Youtube In 2020

Would you believe it if I told you there’s an eight-year-old who has already made millions? Believe it or not, Ryan Kaji made over $26 million last year on his YouTube channel alone.

Do those kinds of numbers pique your interest? If so, then you’re likely wondering how to get your channel to those heights. But, you’ll need a lot of subscribers to get you there.

Read on to learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube this coming year.

Content Is Still King

If you’re hoping to amass a loyal following, then you’ll have to put in work. That means creating fantastic content that potential subscribers actually want to watch.

Let’s face it — no content means no viewers. Subpar content won’t get you far either. Here are a few tips to help you figure out what content subscribers want:

  • Answer questions your viewers have
  • Provide helpful resources or how-to videos about your product or service
  • Latch on to trending topics
  • Know your audience (Do your research!)

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then don’t shy away from asking your viewers what they want. This direct tactic will provide you with both ample ideas and new subscribers.

How to Optimize Your Videos to Get Subscribers

If you want to gain YouTube subscribers, then sometimes you have to ask for them. That means asking your viewers to click that subscribe button.

You can also optimize your videos by asking your viewers to leave a comment, ask a question, or share the video.

You could also offer incentives for subscribers. Consider hosting a contest or giveaway. Or, make a multi-video series. Viewers will want to subscribe to ensure they don’t miss upcoming episodes.

Build Your Network

At first, the idea of networking with other YouTube creators may seem ineffective. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that.

Networking with other YouTube channels that are in your niche will only help boost your own. Consider doing a collaboration video with like-minded channels. This will extend your reach to new viewers and also build your credibility.

Algorithms, Search Engines, and Recommendations

When a subscriber stumbles upon your channel, where do they come from? Some may have found your channel from your company website or your social media pages.

Most new viewers, though, find your videos from YouTube’s recommended section. That means you’ll want to research YouTube’s algorithms and ensure your videos rank.

Other viewers may find your videos when they appear as search engine results.

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2020

Determining how to get more subscribers on YouTube is complex. On top of getting subscribers, you need to be able to keep them. That means you’ll have to put significant effort into your channel this year.

Follow the tips above, and you should start seeing results in no time.

YouTube is one of the biggest and best mediums to connect with your customers. Despite that, it isn’t the only one. Are you interested in learning more pro-tips for your business? Check out our tech section for our latest content.

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