How to Get Rid of that Horrible Feeling: Tips for Neck Pain Relief

Life is pain. But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from neck pain. Neck pain can be a real pain in the rear, but with the right knowledge, you can put it in your rearview mirror for good.

To learn how to achieve neck pain relief, peep the tips below.

Get Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain isn’t a death sentence, far from it. You just have to know how to get rid of it.

Try jumping in a pool. Seriously. While it might not be the first treatment that comes to mind, swimming relieves neck pain.

You’ll be buoyant in the water, which reduces spinal stress. You may have to avoid or change certain swim strokes, though. If swimming’s too hard on your neck, then consider water therapy.

You can get relief through non-physical means too. Express your feelings in a journal, and you’ll feel less stressed as a result. If you consistently keep track of your daily thoughts and goings-on, you may be able to spot (and thus avoid) triggers of your neck pain.

If you’d rather not write, make audio recordings instead.

Or you could meditate. Find a quiet place to do some mindful meditation. That could mean guided imagery or controlled breathing exercises.

If you want to go even deeper into non-physical ways of alleviating your pain, then give cognitive behavioral therapy a try. With CBT, you’ll learn new, better ways to think about your pain. As you appreciate the positives more, treating your neck pain will feel like less of an obstacle.

Rest for the Weary

As you’d expect, there are, in fact, physical treatments for neck pain.

Start by seeing a physical therapist. They can explain to you how to prevent neck pain from occurring again. They can also point out how bad habits or posture might have contributed to the pain.

To treat the pain now, they can put you through exercises that will strengthen your neck’s weak spots.

To treat the pain on your own, get a water pillow. You can add or remove water to and from the pillow to reach your desired level of firmness. The more water you add, the firmer it’ll be.

Another treatment you can manage by yourself is a neck-supporting chair.

Although the damage might have already been done, a neck-supporting chair will decrease spinal stress. It does so by training your spine to stay in a neutral position. That ensures good posture.

Simply keep the back of your head against the headrest. Use a headrest as often as possible, including in your car and on your recliner. Similarly, try falling asleep on a memory foam wedge pillow.

A Pain in the Neck No More

The saying “a pain in the neck” exists for a reason. Neck pain relief is hard to come by, so the feeling of neck pain is a good way to describe other stressors that bring persistent, irritating pain.

Good thing you’ll be able to efficiently relieve yourself of neck pain by following the tips above. For more invaluable health advice, explore the Health section of the site. 

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