How to Get the Best Plans When Signing up for Cable TV?

Are you planning on moving to a new place, this weekend? You might be looking for the best plans available when signing up for cable TV. Although picking out the cable TV provider should not be hard, theoretically speaking. But more often than we think, the theory and practice aren’t usually on the same page. Getting the best plan can turn out to be harder than you think, given that you jump into the task without planning anything. However, we are here to help you in getting the best plan, so you can watch TV, without any hassles, at the comfort of your home.

There are several reasons people find this thing quite difficult. One of the reasons is, providers don’t make it clear what they are offering. Sometimes the websites look too complicated to comprehend and sometimes the services might appear shady.

But there are some providers who design their plans as per the needs and wants of customers. In this regard, Spectrum makes quite an impression with its three tiers of bundles; Spectrum Silver Double Play, Spectrum Select Triple Play, Spectrum Silver Triple Play. With the first bundle, you can enjoy cable TV with the internet. This way, you get to decide which one is your cup of tea. What’s more, is that all Spectrum plans are contractless and ensure uniform pricing during the first 12 months of the service.

The other two bundles come with the combined services of cable TV with internet and home phone services. Spectrum makes sure that if you can get the best experience of all worlds, then why should you settle for any less?

Keeping this in view, you might have started to form an idea of what kind of plan should you be looking for. We have accumulated a list of essential factors you should keep under consideration while choosing the best plans when signing up for cable TV.

1. Check out the bundles

As already mentioned, larger cable companies often do not provide cable services separately. On the other hand, they tend to bundle them with internet and phone services, which frankly speaking, if bought separately from a different provider, a number of hefty figures each month. Getting a bundle can save you bucks while also giving you all the services in one place.

Think of it this way, we all need the internet and we all want to watch TV from time to time. It is our guilty pleasure and reminds us of our childhood days of sneaking out from our bedrooms after midnight and watching the reruns of The Simpsons. Getting both services from a separate provider can end up being a huge drag sometimes. Imagine paying separately and keeping a track of both providers. You are definitely going to wish to have all those things in one place for you to manage properly.

You can also throw in the services of a home phone if your cellular plan is not that great. But if this is not what you want they don’t jump the guns only because it seems like a cheaper option. You need to ask yourself if you need high-speed internet, cable TV along a home phone or not. If you don’t see the need to get a home phone, then save those bucks and get the plan with cable TV and internet only.

Remember a deal that looks way too good to be true at first glance, may just be a way for a provider to profit off of you. This is why be smart while comparing the bundles and opting for one.

2. Check out the Channel Lineups

The best plan comes with an impressive list of channel lineups. Before signing up for the plan, check out the channel lineups of different providers. If you find one that offers your favorite TV shows or the kind of content you watch more frequently at an affordable price rate, then you can check it out in detail.

One more thing you should consider is choosing the plan based on the number of channels it offers. Again, multiple factors go into it. If you are looking for a plan for only yourself then you probably don’t need one with 400 channels. However, it is a different debate if you are looking for the best plan for your family.

Every family comes with its own taste and favorite content. You might have kids at home and this can prompt a need to look for a plan that comes with kid-appropriate channels or kid-based channels. You might also want educational content as opposed to entertainment. This all depends on whether you need a plan for yourself alone or a family.

In such a situation, you need to make sure that you are getting the plan with the number of channels that you require so you are not paying for the extra.

3. Installation fees

In most cases, providers don’t ask you to pay for the installation. However, in some instances, they only ask you to pay a few bucks, which is reasonable, most of the time. Paying a small amount is not a big deal. But there are some providers out there who try to rip you off by tricking you into paying a significant amount for the installation of equipment.

You need to ask around and do your proper research. Check which provider asks for installation fees, and if any, what is the exact amount they are asking. If a deal comes off shady or way too good to be true, then there are some “hidden” costs that you don’t want to pay.

Some cable providers present the plans in such a way that is way too hard to pass. But once you sign the contract, you come to know of the hidden fees for the things you didn’t sign up for in the first place. Therefore, ask for the installation fees and any extra unwelcome surprises beforehand.

4. Don’t hesitate to negotiate

A little bit of negotiation can go a long way. The best package for cable TV may come with a price just over your budget. That doesn’t mean you should immediately give in to the asking price. If you have strong negotiation skills, then you can definitely talk your bill down. So, take advantage of your skill and negotiate properly with your cable provider.

Remember that you don’t have to accept the price that is way more than the value it comes with. Ask around for the best available deals because you may not know what others are offering at a comparatively more affordable rate. You can get the channels you want at half of the asking price if you do your research properly.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best cable TV provider is more difficult than we realize. With so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to select the one that jumps off the page. At the end of the day, your preference matters the most.

You have to decide for yourself whether you want a bundle or a separate package. If you only need the basic cable TV without the services of home phone and internet, then there are some pretty amazing options out there.

By keeping the aforementioned factors under consideration, you can land yourself a great cable TV plan.

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