How to hire great personnel for your business

To hire employees for your company or business, you must keep in mind that they must meet the requirements and tasks necessary for the position. And for that, you must have the ability to identify the person who can handle all the duties.

Between the growing unemployment rate and a large number of professionals on the streets every day, it is much more complicated to hire personnel for a business these days. So, we have some tips for you on how to hire the right people when looking for any employee for any position.

Study your needs:

If your business is starting to look for personnel, you should analyze all the needs that your company currently has, from the administrative point of view to customer service.

Determine each of the areas and their shortages and then propose how many people you need and the characteristics that said position must meet. If your business already has employees, you only have to identify the weakest point in the area and continue with the personnel search procedure. You might promote some workers you already have and find someone else for their current position.


Once the need has been detected, it’s time to start the search process. A specific campaign is carried out that emphasizes the search for personnel for each specific area. Once the search period has passed, all the candidates who sent their CVs or portfolios are analyzed and the selection for the interview begins. If the contact info a candidate provided is wrong, you can use Nuwber to find the necessary details.

You can hold interviews during the search process as well. That way, you’ll be able to update your vacancy description and decide what kind of person will fit better.

How to Interview to recruit personnel for your business or company:

Once the first steps have been taken to find the necessary staff, the moment of truth arrives – the interviews. Remember that the interviews are only carried out once the most suitable prospects for the position have been pre-selected, these are selected from the CVs and portfolios sent.

Keep in mind that during the interviews, you must take notes and bring a progress sheet to have a guide to help you make the final decision.


To start the interview, a presentation must be made by both sides, both you as the interviewer and representative of the company, and the interviewee. The presentation should be an appetizer of what the company is looking for and what leads the interviewee to be part of your company. It’s better to keep it short but complete with crucial details.

Documents submission:

Some companies and businesses require interviewees to bring their legal documents to validate everything reflected in their CVs or portfolio, although many modern companies no longer take this step very seriously. If you use the presentation of documents, you must have the CV of the interviewee as a guide.


The interview is essentially conducted to question the prospect and analyze their level of preparation and skills for the position. To carry out the interrogation, you must ask some personal questions that cover their educational and work experience and then continue with the questions regarding the position.

The questions about the job should be open, allowing the interviewee to provide a more elaborate question. You can end the questioning by asking for an opinion on what contributions and expectations the interviewee has about the job.


When all the stages of the interview have been carried out and the interviewees have left, the evaluation comes next. Along with your notes and evaluation forms, the 3 best candidates are taken to then make the final decision and select the person who will finally take the job.

Tools to streamline the different phases of a selection process:

There are different tools that can help us figure out how to hire the right employees for the project. Using these tools, you will be able to speed up different phases of a selection process and also evaluate different applications. Some of those tools are:

Video presentations:

It implies asking the candidates to make a video in which they tell about their training, professional career, and what they consider most relevant about their profile.

Different guidelines can be given or a series of questions to be answered can be established, but the idea is that the candidates have the freedom to give the format they consider most appropriate, and can use creativity and imagination to present their profiles in the way that they consider better.

Once finished, the document must be sent to the email indicated, and it may be assessed by one or more people who examine to what extent the experience and personality of the candidates fit with the specific business need.

Recorded interviews:

This step implies the preparation of a battery of questions that are recorded (orally or written), which the candidate can access at an agreed time through a link that is sent to him and will have a limited time to answer. The test lasts between 3 and 7 minutes, and the evaluators will be able to access the information at a time when it is most convenient, which allows significant flexibility.

Skype interviews:

Another tool that can facilitate the evaluation of different candidates and overcome geographical obstacles or time availability, is Skype – conducting interviews virtually.

In this way, before trying to coordinate agendas to arrange a personal interview, you can make sure that this person is the right one for what you are looking for.

This tool can also be very useful to deal with different issues about your online business once the person has joined the company, so it is useful to introduce the methodology from the beginning of the professional relationship.


Once you shortlist the candidates, make sure to check their basic details on Leadar as it helps to find out the right hires for your business.

We hope that these steps and tips will help your team and company move forward with more strength and more work power.

The importance of hiring the best personnel:

If you follow each step, you will have a better chance of finding the most qualified employees, which can reduce the turnover rate of your company in the long run.

Once your new hire starts working, it’s important to continue training them and share your feedback on their performance. You can help your employees to improve their weak points, and celebrate their achievements.

Also, be sure to ask for their input on how to improve your business. Remember that one of your goals when hiring new employees is to know how to retain your best employees.

In addition to the steps outlined above, you can review additional simple tips to make sure you’re hiring the right people if this is your first time. And don’t forget the importance of obtaining a business loan to have the necessary capital when hiring staff in the most efficient way.

As a business owner, you are in control of your business, but a good team can help you get where you want to go faster.

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