How To Host An Outdoor Party Safely

Outdoor parties are back on many people’s list of social events as we continue to navigate life beyond the pandemic. However, inviting friends and family members to your home for a party is not as simple as it used to be since there are numerous new safety measures to consider in addition to the regular ways. Therefore, it is best to know what to do to host an outdoor party in 2022 that doesn’t endanger anyone. Here’s how to host an outdoor party safely.

  • Serve Pre-Packaged Food And Beverage

Individually portioned dishes are the way to go in this COVID-19 era to lower transmission risks. You can explore a wide range of creative displays, like serving trays or picnic baskets to send food around. Also, you can ask your bartender to prepare cocktails beforehand so people can grab them quickly and go back to their seats instead of queuing. Finally, invest in great containers like cans, bottles, cups, and disposable glasses. You can get these online at Drinkstuff to help pre-portion your drinks.

  • Ensure That Gatherings Are Small And Spacious

It is common knowledge that variants of the coronavirus are still active and highly contagious. Consequently, keeping any gathering small and spacious is crucial to reduce the risk of spreading the disease. Therefore, consider limiting the number of attendees as much as possible. Additionally, select a venue wide enough to accommodate all guests comfortably. Then, set up this venue with the six-foot rule in mind to ensure that guests don’t sit so close to each other.

  • Establish Ground Rules

Many experts agree that hosting a safe outdoor party begins with establishing ground rules on your invites, and immediately guests arise. You can assure guests of any precautions and specify the guest count for starters. Also, specify whether vaccination status is crucial to attendance and whether guests can come with uninvited people. You can also share essential logistical notes like whether guests should bring their face masks, blankets, utensils, among others. However, it would be best to offer masks, picnic blankets, and hand sanitizers at the entrance if you can afford to instead of asking guests to bring theirs. You can buy face mask not only at your local stores but at various online stores as well. Additionally, you might plan a show similar to a strip show by taking into account brisbane strip shows.

  • Keep Uninvited Guests Away

It isn’t uncommon for uninvited guests to show up at parties, jeopardizing the entire event’s plan. Besides overstretching your party’s allocated resources, these uninvited guests can be security risks that can rob or harm your guests. Similarly, they are a COVID-19 risk and can expose your guest to illness. Consequently, only invite people you know quite well since you can guarantee that they have been healthy in the past weeks. Also, you can recruit security men or bouncers if you are organizing a large outdoor party since security presence at such events dissuades the uninvited. Without a security presence, people can go now in and out of your party, and uninvited guests are the likely culprits when valuables go missing. Additionally, you can give guests wristbands to easily identify uninvited guests. Finally, insist that all guests attend your party with their invitation cards to control access.

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