How to Identify Genuine Volkswagen Golf Spare Parts?

Volkswagen Golf is no doubt one of the world’s best cars. It is known by many names in the US it is often called Volkswagen Rabbit and in Mexico, people call it Volkswagen Caribe. It has been one of the best-selling cars of all time. This car is really quality stuff and is fun to ride. It is made with utmost craftsmanship and is always an owner’s pride. It is really important to always take good care of the car for its good functioning and long life. The most important aspect of this is always replacing the Volkswagen golf spare parts with genuine ones.

So how do you identify the genuine ones? Here are some points which would help you in selecting the original Volkswagen spare parts:

Always Buy The Spares From Authorized Company Outlets:

This is of paramount importance. There are a whole lot of fake parts that are available in the market which look just like the original ones, they are cheaper so people go for them. But they greatly damage the car and reduce its capacity. So always get Volkswagen Golf Spare Parts only at the company-authorized outlets.

Always Check The Spare Part Packaging:

People tend to supply fake parts in fake packaging. So always check for certain things like the company’s logo, manufacturing date and place, and price tags. The company products always carry a hologram and seal, always check for that. The fake products can be easily identified due to their spelling errors, inferior packaging, low-grade paint quality, fake logo impersonation, etc.

Always Ask For The Bill:

Bill is a legal document that always saves you from fraud and mis-sells. The company outlet or the dealer which sells the authentic part would always give you a bill, but the person who is selling the fake parts would always avoid it as he would not have the bill for that. So the bill is valid proof of the genuineness of the product.

Always Compare With The Replaced Product:

As your part of the car which is replaced is genuine always make sure to compare it with the one you are replacing it with. If the replacement is not genuine or is fake you can very well make out the difference in its physical attributes like weight, shape color, and so on. If the dealer is giving you fake products that can be checked by this quick reference check.


Your Volkswagen golf car is a very good asset for you. So it is very important to replace its parts with authentic and genuine spare parts. Any fake or inferior parts can damage the car beyond repair and for saving a few bucks or for not checking thoroughly you can lose on your precious car. Likewise, using a reliable and high-quality product like liqui moly engine oil can significantly improve your car’s performance and overall health. The points given above are good checkpoints for you to make out a genuine part from a fake one. Always be alert when replacing a Volkswagen part and make sure to check the points discussed above. Your due diligence could be a lifesaver for your dear car.

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