How to Keep Your House Warm: 5 Helpful Tips

Did you know that we’re spending an average of over $2000 a year on utilities? A big chunk of that money goes to heating our homes in the winter.

What can you do to make your house warmer without blowing up your energy bill? How can you keep a poorly insulated house warm?

Fortunately, there are a few low-cost solutions that you can implement to keep your house warm this winter.

Let’s take a look at how to keep your house warm without raising your energy bill through the roof.

Check for Drafts

Whether you have poor insulation or great insulation, you almost definitely have a few drafty areas. Windows and doors are two of the biggest culprits here, letting cold air in and warm air out.

Increase your insulation in these drafty areas. You can use fabric or rubber seals to close off the space between the doors and floors. Plastic insulation can keep the cold air from seeping through your windows and even closing the blinds or curtains can help.

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

When you set the thermostat, your home heating system is working hard to spread warm air throughout your home. If you’re not using certain rooms, you don’t need those rooms to absorb all of that heat.

All throughout the window, keep the doors to your basement and attic closed. The only time you need to open those doors is if you’re about to hit a deep freeze and your pipes are at risk. Otherwise, create warm pockets in the rooms that you use.

Grab Some Low-Energy Electric Heaters

A lot of electric space heaters can flood a room with warmth without using a ton of energy. You can use them on the days that you’re not ready to turn on your home heating system. You can also use them to increase home heating in certain rooms without raising the thermostat.

Take a look at these electric heaters from Qbic Heating and enjoy low-energy heat ASAP.

Unroll Your Rugs

We love an exposed wood or stone floor, but not when temperatures drop. Not only do these types of flooring capture and release cold air but they also feel cold underfoot.

To increase your comfort for the winter months, grab some rugs and roll them out! You’ll love the feel of a soft rug on a chilly day and you’ll find that your other heating methods are more effective overall.

You Can Learn How to Keep Your House Warm Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re wondering how to keep your house warm, you probably don’t want methods that cost a ton of money. With our guide, you can keep your house warm this winter without wasting tons of electricity. Say goodbye to cold floors, drafts, and chilly rooms!

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