How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn All Year Round


For those of us who pride ourselves on the quality and appearance of our lawns, trying to maintain your lawn to make sure it’s the nicest on the block can be a rather daunting task – especially if you’ve got a monster-sized lawn as I do.

Don’t fret, I’m here to give you a few quick tips on how you can keep your lawn looking pristine year-round, so you can make your neighbors as jealous as possible!

Fall maintenance

Fall is the time of year where keeping your lawn fresh & tidy is going to be crucial, it’s also the time of year that requires the most work. You want your lawn to be as clean as possible before the cold weather starts to creep in – otherwise, you’ll suffer for it when spring comes around. You’ll first want to make sure to rake all the leaves that leave your greenery looking messy and unkempt. Now that you’ve tidied up the leaves to avoid dead/bare spots, you’ll want to begin fertilizing your lawn. Although September is the most important time of year for feeding your greenery, fertilizing in the fall helps your grass store those important nutrients that your grass needs to stay healthy during the cold season.

Spring maintenance

Spring is going to be, by far, the most lovely time of year for lawn care. That being said, if you’re only worried about keeping your grass healthy, keeping it properly maintained can be as easy as mowing your lawn regularly, along with proper fertilization and weeding, of course. If your lawn is on the larger side and you’ve found it intimidating to maintain all on your own, I would recommend consulting a Landscape Company to help ease some of your burdens. If you love your lawn as much as I do, it’s worth spending a little extra to be the most popular guy on the block. The sunshine and liveliness of the warm weather mean that it’s prime time for unwanted pests & insects to infest your precious lawn. Usually, you can keep this under control with store-brand pest control products, but for more serious cases, you may need to consult a professional pest control company.

Summer maintenance

After the bustling liveliness of spring, in comes the dry season to tarnish all your hard work – but don’t despair! There are a number of measures you can take to ensure your lawn lives through the summer. Perhaps the most important lawn care practice in the summer is going to be watering. Even if you just hose down your lawn once a week, it’ll double the chances of your lawn not drying up during the hottest months of the year. Mulching is another cheap way of giving your lawn a fighting chance during the dry season, it offers a whole new layer of protection to keep your soil moist and reduce the frequency of weeds growing in your yard.


If you stick to these basic maintenance practices, you’re sure to be the buzz of the neighborhood, you can look down on the other mediocre lawns on the block and proclaim yourself king of the cul-de-sac!

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