How to Organize a Successful Football Fundraising Event

Football fundraisers are a great way for youthful football teams to raise money. They are simple and fun and allow teams to raise a large amount of funds quickly.

If you organize a football event, pick the date according to your local high school or college team’s game schedule. This will give you a bigger audience.

VIP Seats

One of the most popular football fundraising ideas is selling VIP seats at your stadium for a fixed price. Spectators who purchase these tickets will get exclusive access to special seating, refreshments, and other perks like a private restroom. The team can also use this event to promote its brand and attract sponsors.

Host a field goal derby at halftime of your game. This is a fun and simple event that is sure to entertain the crowd. You can also include a field goal challenge where coaches dare each other to do something crazy or risky, such as making a dance move or taking a polar plunge.

Offer prizes to winners, such as free games or season passes. This will incentivize participants to participate and boost your participation rate.


A simple but effective fundraising idea, the auction makes your supporters feel valued for their contribution. It also assures them that the money will be used for the intended purpose, such as purchasing equipment or enhancing players’ skills.

Offer season passes to make it easier for supporters to attend games. Price them lower than one season’s ticket costs, and consider adding perks like free food or drinks to attract more supporters.

Take advantage of the summer season and host a fun-run fundraiser that allows students, coaches, and parents to participate. This is a good opportunity to raise money for all the expenses before your football team’s game season. It can include training, equipment, and venue fees.

Spirit Night

Spirit nights can be hugely profitable, but they must be hosted on a night that does not compete with other events, such as a town’s big football games. This can be challenging, especially if you want to appeal to younger audiences.

Host a costume contest, themed party, or other event that resonates with your team’s fans. For example, a Powerpuff theme will appeal to female football supporters and can be an enjoyable experience for all.

Another great idea is to sell local businesses the opportunity to promote their products or services each time your team scores a touchdown. This can also be a great way to unite the community and build a sense of solidarity and unity. Remember to thank your attendees, volunteers, and sponsors after the event by sending them a thank you card or social media shout-out.


Fundraising is a great way to help your football team build stronger connections with different communities. It also cultivates a sense of responsibility towards your players and their supporters.

To maximize profits, host a contest that involves your team members and their parents or friends. Make the event theme fun and interesting to entice participants to participate. For example, a costume contest can be hosted in October to take advantage of the Halloween spirit.

Another unique fundraising idea involves selling season passes. This convenient and economical option allows your supporters to attend all your games at a low price. This can also be a great way to raise travel expenses and equipment funds. The best part is that this type of fundraiser doesn’t require a lot of planning or effort.

Winner’s Pledge

Football is a fun and exciting way for many families to unite their community. However, equipment costs, coaching salaries, transportation, and other team expenses can be costly for even the most well-funded schools.

One of the most popular and easy-to-organize fundraiser ideas for football is a fun run for the team. It is a lively event that targets all age groups. It is a great idea to offer candies for prizes and encourage the participants to purchase multiple candies for their friends, family members, and colleagues.

Another unique fundraising idea for football teams is selling “hours of helping hand.” College football players are ideal candidates to sell these hours, which can be used for various needs, including community activities and household chores.

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