How to Overcome Challenges Finding A Job After Serving Your Term

Former ex-offenders need a chance to work just like everyone else. Unfortunately, it is tough for them to get a job in the United States, resulting in a large number of unemployed people in the streets. Ex-offenders have paid their debt to society, but many of them are now having trouble finding a job to pay off other debts. After serving their sentence, they also need to sustain life, support themselves and their loved ones; therefore if ex-cons can’t find jobs after serving their time that affects their families too. Ex-cons must be given a chance to a fresh start in rebuilding their lives.

How To Finding Overcome Challenges A Job After Serving Jail Time

Former criminals face challenges when looking for work in this difficult economy. Some common challenges faced by felons while seeking for jobs include employment barriers whereby an employer will automatically count you out if you check a box on the application that says you do have a criminal record.  A lot of times, they are shielded from the good-paying jobs as employers are hesitant to hire them. There is a stigma attached to having a felony or an arrest record and here is how one can overcome it while looking for employment;

Positive Attitude

Staying positive in tough times is an art most of us have failed to master, but its mandatory that we remain sane. As an ex-offender, you must prepare yourself to handle this situation with bravery because getting back to your old life is going to be hard but not impossible. Just focus on your goals, follow your dreams and maximize your potential for organizations to grant you a chance to work with or for them.

Apply For Expungement

A verbal argument made before an employer during an interview that you’re a changed person may not be convincing enough to let you work for them. They can still turn you down simply because they can for the best interest of their companies. So the best thing to do may be applying for an expungement on your own or getting an attorney to help with it, which is better. The process success depends on the laws of the cities you are in, for some you might get your criminal record removed for good and in other states, you may not, but it’s worth the try.

Fair Credit Reporting

If seeking assistance from others turns out to be difficult, you can as well apply for jobs you’re qualified for on your own. While doing so, look for potential employers and educate them about the benefits they’ll get by hiring a felon. Tell them about the tax credit they’d receive for hiring ex-offenders one year after their release. Usually, employers get up to $2400 per hire, depending on the number of working hours and wages. There is no limit to the number of ex-offenders a company may hire.

Seek Professional Assistance

These are programs designed to equip former inmates with the qualifying factors for employment. The programs include skills training, creating resumes and dressing up appropriately for a job interview. There are several institutions that partner with local agencies in different cities to provide reentry services for ex-cons. A good example of these local agencies is American Works which helps hard-to-place individuals such as felons find decent jobs. It is not the only one; there are plenty of others nationwide to help you get employed. Don’t hold back and look for assistance from these agencies, and if you can’t do it yourself, talk to your re-entry or parole officer. Through them, you’ll be able to find an agency in your locality that provides re-entry services.

That is how an ex-convict can overcome challenges posed while searching for felon jobs.  With time and patience, one should be able to get his/her life back on track.

Bonding Programs

In most cases, former inmates who get employed in any organization are considered high-risk employees. For one to earn the trust of an employer, they must join the Federal Bonding Program which protects employers by providing insurance against the potential loss that an ex-offender may cause if they decide to go back to their old ways. The bonds range from $5000 – $ 25000 with a lapse time of 6 months, and afterward, you’ll become eligible for a commercial bond if at all your employer requires one.  That might be the only way to convince someone to give you a chance.

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