How to Pick Engagement Rings Melbourne?

One of the most challenging parts of an engagement ceremony is choosing the right ring for your fiancée. Even if you know her preference and style, the vast choices will surely make you go crazy when you look at the various types of engagement rings in the market. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, there are basically 2 options.

You may either visit different stores in the city to find the right one for your partner or you may choose online at Choosing the latter gives you access to a vast variety of styles. Some online retailers also provide custom made designs if you are unable to find an engagement ring that you had in mind.

Types of Engagement Rings

There are various types of engagement rings in the market. In order to choose the right one, you need to be clear about you’re your partner’s choice and preference. Some of the popular types have been described below for your knowledge.

  • Elegant and Traditional: These types of engagement rings come in a classic solitaire setting that are timeless and also showcases the central big sized diamond without any other distraction. If you are unaware about solitaires, these are basically rings that come with a single diamond placed at the center of the ring. These types of engagement rings are also the most popular amongst couples.
  • Nature Lover and Outdoorsy: If your fiancée is a nature lover and loves to spend most of the time outdoors, then there are also engagement rings that are especially designed for such people. These rings come with a setting of organic elements in the design that may include vines, flowers, and leaves. If your partner leads an active life, better choose such a ring that comes with the diamond set lower to the hand.
  • Contemporary and Modern: Most of you have partners who like fashion and consider themselves to be rather modern. For such people, you should opt for an engagement ring that comes with sculptural designs. These types of rings normally experiment with non-traditional forms. You may go for a ring with a bezel setting. It will usually have a thin metal band that will literally hug the diamond around the girdle.
  • Outgoing and Stylish: Many women prefer to wear a ring that dazzles with glamor. If your fiancée also falls in the same category of people, then you should opt for a ring setting that holds the diamond higher than normal. You may also go for an engagement ring that comes with sparkling pave set diamonds along the band of the ring. Many choose the halo engagement setting that adds a circle of diamonds around the central piece. This helps the central diamond appear larger and also adds a special sparkle.
  • Timeless and Romantic: Even if your partner prefers the vintage and romantic engagement rings, there are options for those as well. You may go for rings that come with scrollwork patterns or filigree with dainty bands or intricate galleries. Your partner will surely love to wear such a ring.

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