How to Properly Reward Team Members

What’s the best way to motivate employees and maximize productivity in the office?

Cracking the whip? Micro-managing? How about screaming and shouting?

Nope, no, and definitely not! The real secret to success comes down the happiness. Cultivate a happy working environment and you could enjoy a 10% spike in productivity.

And offering rewards is one of the best ways to do it. Trust us, the right reward structure can boost team morale and workplace satisfaction in no time! With that in mind, keep reading to learn exactly how to reward team members in 2021.

Voice Your Thanks

Many employers make the misguided assumption that money’s the greatest motivator. But the reality is that, although there’s a place for them, financial rewards and incentives can create a toxic, hyper-competitive company culture. Sometimes, the best rewards (for the business and the employee) are the simplest.

Words of thanks in the hallway and public declarations of appreciation are two powerful ways to boost someone’s morale. Employee recognition of this kind lets them know they’re valued and that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Give Employees Gifts

Gifts take this one step further by offering something tangible and of objective value. You don’t have to go overboard with what you buy for people, but nor should you be too thrifty! A generic mug with the company logo on it hardly says ‘I appreciate your hard work’!

The best gifts are personal, thoughtful, and show that you care. Take challenge coins. The challenge coin price won’t break the bank, yet these little trinkets are classic tributes that’ll demonstrate your gratitude.

Better you make a custom challenge coin with your company logo on it that will feel them proud and, also will bear the company brand signature alongside.

Provide Freebies

Why not fund experiences and office additions that you know your team will appreciate? You could pay for an office-based breakfast once a week or provide the company credit card to buy everybody drinks at the bar after work. How about hiring a masseuse to offer massages to overworked employees?

Anything of this nature is sure to go down a treat with your team! It’ll put smiles on their faces, show you care and have a positive impact on their days.

Host Office Awards

Ongoing peer-nominated office awards are a fun and engaging way to a) bring the team together and b) recognize individual contributions. You could have awards for anything! From the hardest worker to the best dress sense, make it light-hearted and heart-warming.

Whether or not you offer prizes for the awards is up to you. Some companies have gimmicky or sentimental prizes rather than actual ones. For example, winners could receive the ‘company hat’ to wear throughout the week, or a special badge, or something to put on their desk as a sign of esteem.

Remember How to Reward Team Members

Rewarding your team for their efforts is a great way to show your appreciation and boost morale in the office. As a result, you stand to enjoy new levels of productivity, lower employee turnover, and a reputation that attracts top talent to the door!

We hope the insights on how to reward team members in this post will help you access each of these benefits and more. To learn more about getting the most from your workforce, search ‘employee’ on the website now.

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