How to protect the car’s exterior from harmful UV rays?

In Australia, it is prevalent for people to use their vehicle whenever they want to go, without relying on the public transport system. More than thirty-five percent of the households on the Central Coast have at least one car, and almost thirty percent have at least two cars.

But, owning a car is no easy feat as you have to shell out the exuberant amount of money in the overall maintenance cost of the vehicle. The car manufacturers provide a service plan, but it is only for the vehicle’s internal components and does not take into account the damage to the car’s paint job.

In sunny areas, the UV index is usually high as it ranges from four to six, which can be deemed moderately dangerous. When the UV index is high, one should not go outside without protection like sunscreen or an umbrella. Direct exposure to sunlight affects the paint of your paint. So, if you want to keep your car shining for a long time, you must visit a Central Coast ceramic coating service.

Here is how you can protect the car’s paint job from the adverse effects of UV rays.

There are only two ways that can help you protect your car from the sun.

1. Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a silicone coating that bonds with the uppermost layer of the car’s paint to form a protective layer.

The protective layer formed by ceramic coating is water-abrasive, so moisture and water content will not stick to the car’s surface.

Moreover, it also repels dust, making it easier to clean the car as you would not need shampoos or other extensive cleaning materials. Ceramic coating also protects your car’s paint job from harmful UV rays. Since the coating is from an additional layer on the paint, it keeps your paint from fading away under the sun.

Ensure that you opt for the best Central Coast ceramic coating service to reap all the benefits of ceramic coating. Choosing the best-detailing shop for ceramic coating in Central Coast, NSW, will help you keep the paint job protected for at least three to five years.

Besides getting ceramic coating for the exterior of your car, you can also consider getting the interior coating as well. It will protect the leather seats and the plastic console from scratching, fading, and effects of UV rays.

2. Park your car in a shaded region

A car is parked more than it is being driven around. So, try to park it in a shaded area to protect it from direct sunlight whenever you park. If you keep parking your car under direct sunlight for an extended time, you will start seeing the paint from the hood and the roof of your car fading away. It can cause discoloration in some spots and even the chipping of paint.

If you do not have the option of a covered parking spot, then you must consider investing in a tarpaulin cover for your car.

Moreover, you can also build a temporary shed in your driveway to provide shade for your car.


These are two of the best ways to protect your car from the sun. While you may not notice damage instantly, the sun can fade your car’s paint in the long run, making it look older than it is.

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