How To Remove Stains From Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are quite popular among people who want to improvise on their appearance. It is a dental process through which white porcelain thin layer is put on an individual’s teeth to make his or her appearance more attractive and beautiful. The porcelain layer gives a whiter and straighter look to the teeth. Although the porcelain is very durable and stain- resistant and is covered with a protective glaze covering them. But if this glaze wears off then there is a possibility of staining the veneers. So the question is how the stain on the porcelain can be removed?

Although most of the material available tells otherwise this can very well be removed and your teeth’s glory can be restored back. Well here are a few ways through which you can successfully remove the stains and make them pristine white again.

The Tooth Whitening System:

This is also known as bleaching porcelain veneers. This is best for veneers that are light type and translucent. This is usually done by bleaching the backside of the teeth. When the bleach is applied to the back side of the veneer teeth the real tooth whitens up.  This would make the porcelain veneers whiter and brighter. Always proceed with this procedure after consulting your dentist. This is a really effective method and should be taken into consideration first.

Toothpaste Which Does Gentle Polishing:

There are toothpaste which are designed to eradicate the composite that causes the stains. This is super effective when you have a mild stain, which has just started to show up. This is an early cure and can probably stop an escalating problem. Using a gentle polishing toothpaste would remove all the compote buildup around your veneer teeth and make it whiter. These toothpaste are easily available at any cosmetic or pharmacy and you can also get it online. If you have any confusion regarding which toothpaste you should use, you should always ask your dentist.

Consulting A Cosmetic Dentist:

This should be your last and final option. A cosmetic dentist is trained to handle problems related to porcelain Veneers. Even if you’re whole Porcelain Veneers is stained or is completely worn off, a cosmetic dentist can fix it. They are professionals who are trained to address these kinds of problems. They can guide you what can be done with your problem. If the damage is minor they would fix it for you and if the damage is serious, they can even replace it with a new Porcelain Veneers.


Porcelain Veneers are very good dental procedures to look great. They are in fact used by millions in the world with successful results. Staining on Porcelain Veneers is rare and occurs in one in a thousand cases. Yet there is always a possibility of this happening. The stains on Porcelain Veneers can be frustrating and need immediate dental attention. You can use the methods given above and take care of this problem and make your Porcelain Veneers teeth white again.

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