How to Select the Right Kredittkort (Credit Card)

Choosing the right kredittkort that will suit your needs isn’t an easy thing to do. This is because there are so many kredittkorts out there.

We know how much of a hassle selecting the right card is, so we are here to make your decision-making simpler. Below, we’ve listed the steps for you to follow so you can choose the right card for you based on your financial needs, goals, and spending habits.

Step 1: Consider Your Credit Score

The first thing you need to do when checking for the idealcard is to find out what your credit score is (if you don’t already know it). You can read this post to find out how credit scoresare calculated.

Knowing your score will let you know the cards that you will qualify for. To get one of the best rewards cards, you need good credit. However, someone with fair credit can also get a kredittkort. Even those who don’t have credits or have a limited history can still find cards that will suit their financial goal.

If you find out that your credit isn’t good enough and this is limiting your choice, you can try to improve it before applying for a card. The easiest and best way of improving your credit is to pay off your bills before or on the due date. You can also reduce your credit use by paying down the debt that you owe.

Know that applying for a card will cause your credit score to temporarily reduce, and this would stay on your report for 2 years. So, you don’t want to apply for several cards within a short period. Doing this can affect the likelihood of you getting qualified for a kredittkortin the future.

Step 2: Consider Your Needs and The Card That Suits Them

Now you need to figure out the card that will best suit your needs. As you most likely have realized, there are several types of cards available for you to select from. Each has its advantages and disadvantages based on several factors including your credit standing, budget, and goals.

Typically, the ideal card will be in one of these categories:

1. Improving Your Credit – Credit-building Cards

These are great for people who have limited or bad credit. When used responsibly, they can significantly help the cardholder to repair or build their credit. Using the card responsibly involvesmaking sure your balances are paid on time.

Since a credit-building card is typically made for people with poor credit history, getting approved for one isn’t difficult.

Cards that fall under this category come in types including secured, student, andunsecured cards.

2. Paying Off Debt – Balance Transfer Cards

If you have debts to pay, then your best choice is a balance transferkredittkort. Cards that fall under this category usually offer either 0% or relatively lower introductory APR. These promotional rates may last for several months or sometimes even longer than one year.

During the introductory rate period, you could focus on paying your main balance instead of paying the interest rates. Ensure you have a plan to pay off your debt during the introductory APR period. This is because after the introductory period is over, the balance remaining will be subjected to your card’s normal APR.

You can visit to find out more about how these kinds of cards work. The only downside to them is you may not be offered rewards or other perks with a balance transfer card.

3. Need Cash Back, Miles and Points? – Rewards Cards

These are typically meant for people who have excellent or good credit. Because these kredittkortsare best for cardholders that already have excellent credit, they don’t need to build their credits. So, earning points and cashback for their purchases is the best bonus for them.

To choose the best reward card for you, consider whether you want to put in work to maximize your rewards and how you spend. This means that you need to consider the following:

  • The categories you mostly spend on
  • Whether or not you are willing to join bonus categories each quarter
  • Would you be able to juggle several cards or you’d rather earn points at the exact rate for all your purchases?

Step 3: Choose Based on the Value Being Offered

Now that you know the kredittkortthat you qualify for and what type would suit your needs, you need to select one that will maximize the benefits you want.

The following are some benefits to look out for based on the card type:

1. Student and Secured Cards

  • Since you are looking to build your credit, look for a card that increases your credit line as a reward for responsible usage.
  • A cash deposit has to be paid for a secured card to be issued. You can look for an issuer that will give you a little interest at the end by putting your initial deposit in a Certificate of Deposit (CD).

2. Rewards Cards

  • Rewards types: there are several types of rewards, these include airline miles, points on loyalty programs, and cashback.
  • Zero or No Annual Fee: most rewards cards have annual fees attached to them. Most times, the perks being offered outweigh the yearly fee. However, you can still find a card that doesn’t have a yearly fee attached to it.
  • Some issuers only make cardholders eligible for their special offers and bonuses when they’ve reached a particular spending limit. You can look for one that doesn’t have a high spending requirement so that you can start enjoying the bonuses early.

3. 0% APR and Low-Interest Cards

  • The promotional rate is often for a limited period. While you can’t enjoy the promotional rate forever, you can find a kredittkort that offers these lower rates for a long period. Even for as long as 21 months.
  • You can also look out for cards that do not charge any penalty fee or APR when you don’t make your payment on time.


Because there are so many types of kredittkort in the market, choosing the ideal one for you can be tasking. You need to do your research and figure out which one will adequately suit your needs. When you decide on the benefits and features you want your card to have, finding the right one won’t be difficult.

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