Imaqtpie Net Worth

Imaqtpie Net Worth is $1.3 million.

The previous generations had their Sports Stars, TV Stars, and Glamorous Film stars. This generation is always online and hence there has arisen a crop of youngsters in their teens and twenties, who excel as Internet personalities with a massive following on Social Media or eSports field.  Imaqtpie is one such person.

A professional gamer and a streaming personality of the US, Imaqtpie is much sought after person on the Internet today. His Peak rank as a gamer on League of Legends on North American Server was Challenger 1.

Imaqtpie Net Worth

Early Life

Imaqtpie’s real name is Michael Santana and hails from Margate, Florida. He was born to Jose Santana and Maria Santana on 21st February 1992. He is of Cuban and Colombian descent. He graduated from the Florida Atlantic University.  He assumed this present name as his mother thought he was a cutie pie.

In his childhood, he would watch a lot of television programs, especially Food channels.  He first tried his hand at cooking and later turned to gaming as a career.


Stint as a Professional Gamer

Michael first started off on his Play station playing the fabled League of Legends regularly. League of Legends Online battle video game and can be played on Windows, Mac platform.  It is a multiplayer game that follows the premium model.  This game is the most watched streaming game online on platforms like YouTube and Twitch TV.

Imaqtpie gained in confidence and decided to seriously take up Gaming as a career. He was also encouraged by friends and followers to follow this line.  To achieve this end he moved from his hometown to California.  His gamble stuck gold and he went on to win numerous tournaments online.

In the year 2011, he started off as a Midline player for Oh God Bears.

When he joined Scarra’s team Rock solid in the AD position, the team bagged the National ESL Premier League title that year.

Michael later joined Dignitas in 2012 and stayed with them until October 2014.    He helped Dignitas win the Curse Prize final in February 2012.  He played an important role in winning IPL Elites NA in July 2012.

The team was second runner up in MLG Championships International Exhibition. Imaqtpie was on their rolls when the team was placed fourth in NACs Summer Playoffs, Season 3.  He was a Bot Laner between June 2017 and August 2017 for Delta Fox.  He was a member when the team attained the #6 position in the 2017 NACS Summer.

He was famous for his Heimerdinger Mechanics.  He participated in both the IEM Season Vi-World Championship and also the IPL Elites NA 2013.

Career as a Twitch Broadcaster

Imaqtpie started streaming with an appearance in the episode of Reflections in 2013. He left Dignitas and joined as a Twitch Broadcaster full time.

Twitch TV is a Live Streaming video owned by Amazon.  It was founded in June 2011 and has been very popular among the web-users interested in eSports Competitions. Content on Twitch TV can be viewed Live or by means of video on demand.

Michael career graph grew from strength to strength. He gained wide-acclaim as a Streaming personality and his live broadcasts brought in 40 thousand live viewers at times.    His Stream chat was the origin for various memes on Twitch.TV. Such as:

  1. Dongsquad and Dongsqad 420
  2. Raise your Dongers

iii. Book of Dong, a book full of self praise

  1. BrainSlug, Kappa, Franker Z

Imaqtpie has to credit 1.4 million fans plus 80 million views, which are attracted to his catchy phrases and buoyant personality. His ratings are high also because he has steered clear of all controversies during his stint as a broadcaster.  Of course, he had had once had a subscriber war with Chaox.

Imaqtpie Net Worth  

Imaqtpie is a Top Gaming professional and also a Twitch streamer who has enjoyed success at a very young age.  This 25-year-old player is net worth $1.3 million US dollars.

Personal Life

Michael is active on YouTube and Twitter and regularly posts photos of his pets on Twitter.

Michael is never seen sans his Trademarks such as:

  1. Gym shorts and a white t-shirt
  2. Long shiny beard maintained using Garnier Fructis

iii. He detests shoes.

His co-players had their grouses regarding his appearances but he still continues to remain as before.  His fandom increased manifold due to his corky gameplay while he himself described his style as a mentally challenged one.

Who is Imaqtpie Girlfriend?

Do you know the name of Imaqtpie girlfriend? Imaqtpie lives with his girlfriend, Lisha Wei and his pet cats and dogs at Silver Spring Maryland. Lisha Wei is of Chinese-American Descent and goes by her nickname Owolisha on Twitch.  She was once a League of Legends Player. She has a fan following of 30,000 on Twitch Live Streamer.

Imaqtpie met the diamond-tier player, Wei through common friends on online chat and started dating soon after.

Best of Imaqtpie


Imaqtpie is the recipient of eSports Award for Streamer of the Year.  He has also been nominated for Teen Choice Award under the category, Choice Gamer.  He also holds the title flippers360 LAN Competition Champion at present.

With age on their side, and as more and more people turn to the Internet, Internet stars like Imaqtpie can cross more milestones and become the most popular and richest Stars of all time. Besides, Imaqtpie Net Worth has been increased this year. We didn’t get any authentic news about the net worth of Imaqtpie Girlfriend.

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