Important Aspects to Consider When Building a Data Centre in Australia

As a business owner, you already know that every single byte of your business data is valuable and if your organisation has reached the point where you need to create a data centre, you have come to the right place. Design is everything and with that in mind, here are some key elements of data centre design that you need to take into account.

  • Setting a budget – Crunch the numbers to discover the amount of capital required for a data centre of suitable size. Search online for suppliers of fibre cable, servers and racks and make a note of prices. If you are not exactly tech-savvy, you can hire a 3rd party to oversee the project, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Connectivity – You need to have ample power, with UPS systems installed to ensure there are no power interruptions; there is a leading Australian cable and components supplier that stocks everything you will need. It isn’t just electricity to be concerned with, you need fibre cables that can handle the traffic. A network designer is more than capable of mapping out the connections required to run at optimum speed.
  • Temperature – Heat is always an issue with data centres, with hardware working round the clock, without the right ventilation and cooling, your precious servers will overheat. There are several types of cooling systems used in data centres, air cooling and liquid cooling; talk to a data centre designer to find out what works for your set up. You have to take seasons into account when designing a data centre; you must have the right conditions all year round.
  • Data centre location – Do not build a data centre in an area where natural disasters occur, especially flooding. The location should not be on low ground; you can have the area surveyed to be sure. Click here for tips on boosting office productivity.
  • Security – Both cyber and regular security need to be in place to protect your data; CCTV coverage of every square foot is recommended, plus you should have digital locking that is card or password-protected.
  • Compliance – Of course, your new data centre needs to be fully compliant with government regulations on fire and safety; you can search online to find detailed information on data centre regulations from the Australian government. You should not proceed until you are certain that your design meets industry standards, as this could be a very expensive mistake.
  • Scalability – Your business generates data every second of every day, so your design should be scalable, making it easy to add servers and racks where necessary. There is little point in setting up a data centre that has to be relocated in a couple of years.

This is a project that demands a professional approach and with online suppliers, you can acquire everything you need in a single shop.

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