Instagram Stories Ads: 7 Best Brand Ads of All Time

Released in 2010, Instagram has made a name for itself in the social media community. Every day their user count is increasing, and people are widely using this website to upload pictures and videos. Recently Instagram introduced some new features, and one of them is an Instagram story. According to the study, every day, nearly 500 million active users upload an Instagram story. This can give a rough idea to the viewers about the popularity of this feature. An Instagram story can contain images or videos which disappear by itself after 24 hours. The feature was introduced in 2016 and many commented it is a copy of Snapchat. There are various video makers available, one that users use to make their Instagram story.

Brands are also using this feature as a marketing tool. Nowadays, people can find various softwares on online that will help them create a unique Instagram story. But those who are looking for free software should visit InVideo. They have a wide range of Instagram story templates. Also, various features such as animation, graphic and transition are available for these customers to use.

Some of the best Instagram story ads ever made.

Majority of the brands have started using Instagram story ads to promote their business. They have given excellent results and helped the company to grow. In-between organic contents, the Instagram story ads appear. Users don’t get the opportunity to go back and view the ads. So it is essential to create ads that are visually appealing and interesting for the users to remember for a long time. Instagram story ads can help brands collect revenue and also gain profit. We will share some of the best Instagram story ads ever made.

  1. is known for their high-end lifestyle design of furniture, which customers can buy at a reasonable price. During the holiday season, there are various Instagram story ads available that try to grab the audience’s attention. To stand out among the crowd, has created an Instagram story ad to promote their winter sale. The company is known to target makers and designers; hence the marketing team of opted for a minimalist design for their story ad. All the audience gets intrigued and amused, as the company is known to animate featured products. This type of ads helps the users to keep the focus on the product and also push them to make the purchase.

  1. Hydro Flask

Customers know Hydro Flask as the brand has won awards for their premium insulated stainless steel flasks. The company is known to build brand awareness. Hydro Flash creates Instagram story ads that help them achieve their business goals by making product-focused videos. They also help to reach the target audience who would ultimately make the purchase. It is known that motion graphics work well with social media, so the marketers use this to create an Instagram story ad. The ad portrays three different adventures where the stainless steel bottle keeps the water insulated for an extended period of time.

  1. GAP

With over 50 years of operations, Gap is one of the most famous brands to produce clothing and accessories. They recently announced their “Archive Reissue- Logo Remix” collection and the main target audiences for the company are US adults aged 18 to 34 years. For this collection, they opted for a carousel, full-screen ad format for their Instagram stories. GAP targets millennial shoppers who are influenced by pop culture. With the help of Instagram stories, carousel video ads, the brand showoffs its collection. They also included a clickable link in the ad. The carousel ads helped the brand tell more about the products to their customers.

  1. Pepe Jeans

The British brand is famous for its casual wear denim and has a fan base from all over the world. To expand its brand internationally, the company focused on men and women between the ages 18 to 30 from Portugal and France. They made singer DuaLipa as their brand ambassador and created a video ad which fits a mobile perfectly. This way, the brand was able to attract the attention of their target audience. According to the survey, most of the users trust an influencer over traditional celebrity endorsement. Hence Pepe jeans made a great decision by choosing DuaLipa.

  1. Joop!

People identify Joop as Germany’s best fashion label, and they are often using creative ways to reach more potential customers. The brand recently had a jeans campaign and wanted to have a brand ambassador who would become the face and voice of the company. This way, the brand can stay in a positive light. Artist and influencer Toni Mahfud became the brand ambassador and made eye-catching Instagram video ads for the company. Joop used various pictures and videos of Toni Mahfud to create the video ad which was targeted for men and women in Germany between the age of 20-39.

  1. J&Co Jewellery

For those who are looking for essential modern jewellery and want a large look at a large collection should visit J&Co Jewellery. The brand wants to widen its customer range and grow brand awareness. For this reason, they opted for Instagram story ads. When the brand hit 5o thousand followers, they used the Instagram story ad feature to share their three days of online sale. The video mainly focuses on the jewellery and also showcases the time-limited offer. They also included a clickable link in their ad for those customers who are interested or learn more or buy some products.

  1. Dunkin

Dunkin serves more than 5 million customers each day, which suggests the vast user base of the based goods and coffee brand. When the band released their donut fries, they tested the video polls in Instagram stories. This helped them to grow awareness of the new product. They created a couple of polls in their ads before announcing the main product. This helped build anticipation and also boost customer interactions.

According to specialists, the brands mentioned above created some of the best Instagram stories ads of all time.

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