Is Microsoft Azure Certification Worth It?

Cloud computing is an industry that’s on the rise. We all should be using cloud computing in our jobs and personal lives to manage our data.

Microsoft is one of the most prominent software and cloud solutions companies, and Azure is one of its flagship products. Since the demand for knowledgeable workers keeps growing, getting a Microsoft Azure certification can make all the difference in your career. But is the Microsoft certification program worth it, though?

Here’s why getting certified is worth it and why it could change your career.

What is the Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure Certification is a professional certification that validates an individual’s skills and knowledge in using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

This certification aims at individuals who want to prove their ability to design, implement, and manage solutions on Azure. The certification exams cover various Azure topics, such as storage, networking, and security. After passing an exam, individuals receive a certification valid for two years.

The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Azure Certification

There are a few key pros and cons to consider when determining if Microsoft Azure training is worth it for you. On the plus side, Azure certification can lead to increased job opportunities and earnings. The certificate can also help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or when bidding on projects.

On the downside, the certification process can be costly and time-consuming. You’ll also need to keep your skills up-to-date to maintain your certification.

The decision of whether to pursue Azure certification depends on your career goals and the time and financial investment you’re willing to make. Lastly, if you don’t have time to do the course and get certified, you can partner up with a Microsoft consulting expert to get all the benefits of Azure certification and skills.

The Cost of Getting Microsoft Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure pricings are not cheap. The cost of the exams and the cost of preparation can quickly add up. But the benefits of being Microsoft Azure certified can be well worth the investment, especially with a Microsoft consultant to guide you.

The cost of getting Microsoft Azure certified can range depending on the person’s experience and location. But the average price for the certification exam is $165. The cost of the training can also range but is around $1,500.

Many free online resources are available to help study for the certification exam. Also, Microsoft offers a practice test for $15.
This certification can help you land a high-paying job, get promoted, and gain credibility with clients. The cost of getting Microsoft Azure certified is a small price to pay for the many benefits it can bring.

Take the Chance to Upgrade Your Career Skills By Getting Certified

With Microsoft Azure, you can use the powerful tools of the cloud to get ahead in your career. A Microsoft Azure Certification can show your expertise to employers and clients and make yourself more marketable. Getting certified in Azure is a wise investment if you’re looking to make a career move or advance in your current role.

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