Jeff Magid Net Worth

Jeff Magid Net Worth and Bio

Born on March 26th, 1977 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Jeff Magid is basically a musician, composer, record producer, social activist, and a record label owner as well. Despite all these versatile identities, Jeff came into the spotlight of press and internet media back in 2014 when he started dating a popular American actress Emily Ratajkowski. As a dedicated social activist, Jeff Magid took part and protested strongly against the Trump govt’s decision regarding banning Muslims in America and deportation.

Jeff Magid Net Worth

Early Life & Education

Jeff Magid spent the early days of his life in Los Angeles and attended Luella High School. After graduating from high school, Jeff enrolled for university degree at Brown University and secured Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees from there.

Jeff Magid Net Worth

As came in various reliable sources, Jeff Magid Net Worth is estimated around $6.7 Million to date. Jeff cleverly managed not to disclose his professional life too much before the media. However, it doesn’t require any superpower to guess that the majority of his net worth today came from his successful career in the music industry while he earned the popularity dating the American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski.

Professional Life

After completing university graduations, Jeff Magid appeared as a music producer as well as a technician and developed his career in the music industry. He then collaborated with a number of popular Bands including Chicago, Kansas, Europe, and several other musicians out there so far we came to know from different reliable sources.

Jeff Magid owns a music production company titled R.B.I. Productions and as a part of the business, he was privileged to collaborate with many other renowned musicians including Dinosaur Jr., Gregg Allman, Quite Riot, and a few others to name.

It’s true that we didn’t get any further detail regarding his professional work. However, it can be easily guessed that the majority of Jeff’s fortune came from the music industry, producing records, collaborating with bands and other musicians, etc.

Personal Life

Talking about Jeff’s personal life, his romantic relationship with Emily Ratajkowski comes at the first place. Moreover, it’s one of the most notable causes that brought Jeff Magid media and public attention back in 2014, and he became popular with the passage of time. Back in September 2014, Jeff and Emily met for the very first-time when Jeff stand by Emily Ratajkowski’s side while she was struggling with the serious iCloud Female Celebrity Scandal issue.

Emily broke up with Andrew Dryden and taken her friendship with Jeff to a whole new level, a serious (love) relationship. Since then, Jeff and Emily spotted together before the media a number of times while going on vacations, traveling, and even in the Golden Globe Awards 2017. They were in the relationship for three years, precisely, from 2014 to 2017 until they broke up all of a sudden and Emily secretly married Sebastian Bear-McClard, an American producer.

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Full Name: Jeff Magid

Birth Place: Los Angeles

Occupation: Musician

Girlfriend Name: Emily Ratajkowski (Ex )

Jeff Magid Net Worth: 6.7 million US dollars

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