Kodak Black Real Name Net Worth Age

Kodak Black Real Name Net Worth and Age

Kodak was born in Pompano Beach, Florida on June 11, 1997. Dieuson Octave, an American Hip-Hop artist popularly known as Kodak Black. He came to the limelight back in 2015 with the assistance of another popular hip-hop artist Drake who promoted filming himself dancing with Kodak Black’s single track “SKRT.” Apart from that, his songs titled “No Flockin,” “Kodak Black Tunnel Vision,” and “Hungry,” also brought him much attention among the crowd. Besides, he is also notoriously famous for several legal issues and a number of controversies as well.

Kodak Black Real Name

What is Kodak Black Real Name?

His full real name is Dieuson Octave.

Kodak Black Age

20 Years as of May 2018.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Having most of the earnings from the mixtapes, singles, and albums, Kodak Black’s Net Worth is estimated $600,000. However, it is said that the valuation of his wealth could be around $5 million.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Early Life

Kodak Black’s family was originally from Haiti, a sovereign state located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. His mother Marcelene Octave brought him up and spent most of the boyhood in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Since his boyhood, Black was keenly associated with music, precisely, with hip-hop music. He used to visit a local trap house every single day after school and recorded some of his music there. So, it can be said that his career as a rapper started at a very early age. Black be friend with some undesirable folks during his visit to the trap house that brought him several cases of break-ins as well.


As mentioned earlier, Black’s career as a musician started at an early age. And, he passed hard times to be someone he has become now. He used to go through thesauruses and dictionaries with just a single aim which was enhancing his lyrics. One of the funniest things that took place in his music career is- he changed his stage name several times before settling with “Kodak Black.”

In December 2013, Black’s first mixtape titled “Project Baby” was released which was pretty successful and he got a moderate exposure in the industry. One year later after “Project Baby,” Black released “Heart of the Projects” his second mixtape, and after some while, his third mixtape “Institution” came into being.

However, his career as a hip-hop artist reached the peak of success when another popular hip-hop artist Drake who promoted filming himself dancing with Kodak Black’s single track “SKRT.” Black signed a deal with the Atlantic Records immediately after that turning point in his rapping career. Among his most successful singles “Tunnel Vision” spotted at No. 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100. And his debut album titled “Painting Pictures” spotted at No. 3 on Billboard 200.

Kodak Black Tunnel Vision

                                  Kodak Black Tunnel Vision Lyrics

Quick View

Kodak Black Real Name: Dieuson Octave

Birth Date: Kodak age or birth date is 11th June, 1997

Occupation: Rapper

Kodak Black Net Worth: $600,000

Famous Song: Kodak Black Tunnel Vision

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