Kris Ford Net Worth

Kris Ford net worth is $ 500,000.

Kris Ford is an actor that does hold an American nationality. He is a businessman as well as a reality television personality. He has been known for featuring in a reality television series by the name ‘Sons of Guns.’ This series did air between the years 2011 to the year 2014. It was aired on Discovery Channel alongside his beautiful wife by the name Stephanie Hayden.  Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Kris Ford in 2018.

Kris Ford Net Worth

Early Life & Biography

Kris Ford was born in the year 1982 on November 8th. Nothing much has been known about his early years. However, it is a known fact that his father was Gary Ford, who did own a firearm store by the name ‘Ford’s Firearms.’ When he was young, he was involved in his father’s business of firearms.

Personal Life

Kris grew together with his siblings. Later in life, he would meet Stephanie Hayden whom they became very good friends. Their friendship grew, and in the year 2011, they got married. Stephanie is the daughter of a popular owner of Red Jacket Firearms LLC, and the couple has been blessed with two kids. The couple has enjoyed stability in their marriage, and there are no signs of divorce.

Kris Ford Net Worth

Kris Ford net worth is estimated to be over $500,000. This wealth has been created from his career as an actor and also in the running of the family business. He has appeared in various TV shows that have gone on to enjoy massive sales. The most known series is ‘Sons of Guns.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Kris did get his big break in the year 2011. This was when he auditioned for a role in a reality TV series by the name ‘Sons of Guns.’ The show was aired on Discovery Channel where it did feature Red Jacket Firearms LLC, which was based in Baton Rouge in Louisiana. With the experience that he acquired in the family business, his appearance and association with the Hayden Family did land him a role of a shop apprentice and worked as a production manager of the show. This was his rise to the stardom, and he went on to feature in five seasons. He has featured in small roles in shows such as ‘American Chopper.’ Kris would encounter various controversies and convictions that would see his career as an actor come to a halt. Also, the show was canceled in the year 2014. He has stayed away from the fame of screen, and he has instead focused on running the family business. He keeps his followers updated via the various social pages that he operates.  In his career, he is yet to win awards, but he has demonstrated what hard work and determination to succeed can do for a person.


Kris may have had a very short time in the limelight of films. However, he left a long lasting impression in the minds of very many fans that he had accumulated. He does appreciate that he is still a person of interest in the public limelight and therefore, he updates the followers of his everyday activities.

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