Laurae Coltart Westwood : First wife of Lee Westwood

If you are acquainted with the name Lee Westwood, an English professional golfer, you might have heard about his first wife, Laurae Coltart Westwood. Lee Westwood is one of the golfers who consistently played and won tournaments on five continents. While playing on the Scottish Open, he met his former wife and got married in 1999.

However, let’s give you a broad idea about who Laurea Coltart Westwood is and the story behind her marriage and divorce.

 Lee Westwood and Laurae Coltart Westwood

Who is Laurae Coltart Westwood?

Laurae Coltart is widely known as the former wife of Lee Westwood. Her brother is also a famous Scottish golf player named Andrew Coltart. She was born in 1975 in Scotland, currently 47 years old lady.

Lee and Laurae first met in 1995 at the Scottish Open. The lovely couple was in a relationship for almost four years, then married in 1999. But unfortunately, they got divorced after being married for about 16 years. The divorce was finalized in 2017, but they have been living separately since 2015. After two years of drama, their separation finally settled in.

According to the Sun, Coltart is a professional beauty therapist. During their marriage life, they became parents of two adorable children. One of them is Samuel Bevan Westwood, who was born in 2001. The youngest child is Poppy Grace Westwood, born in 2004. She does not disclose information regarding family and relatives.

Personal Life and Relationships

Laurae Coltart was always passionate about the beauty industry. She wanted to be a beautician herself. After completing her school life, Laurae trained to be a beautician. In Thornhill, her own school town, she opened her beauty salon, Fringe Benefits. But, after getting married to Lee Westwood, she invested more time in parenting. According to our study, she was writing an article for in the form of a diary.

Laurae’s diary was about how she was feeling and spending her time being a wife of a high-profile sportsman during the 2010 Ryder Cup. But these happy days didn’t last for a long time. After going through a couple of troubles and fights, Lee and Laurae’s marriage life didn’t make out.

The children of the Westwood family set to return to Scotland after their decisive separation to live with their mother, Laurae Coltart. After these two love birds divorced, Laurae has not disclosed her relationship status. Additionally, there are no rumors regarding her dating life and relationship status. On the other hand, some report says Lee Westwood was seen with a woman named Helen Storey, rumored to be her girlfriend after the divorce news was telecasted publicly.

Recently, Lee Westwood has desired to return back for the European Tour. Also, a surprise wedding took place in LA, where Lee Westwood married his girlfriend.

Surprising Fact about Laurae Coltrat Westwood’s Divorce

The report of the Sun mentions that Laurae Coltrat has filed a case in Florida citing the Brit’s ‘’misconduct’’.

There is an accusation of having extra-marital affairs against Lee Westwood. Laurae placed an 82 million dollar divorce case and accused the golf player of cheating before their separation in 2015 occurred.

A close relative of Laurae has confirmed that Laurae suspected Lee was cheating on her. But Lee Westwood, the 82 million prize money winner, vehemently denied the accusation. He also earned 8 million from the sponsorship deals.

However, STOWE FAMILY LAW reports show Lee has settled a last-minute financial settlement with Laurae Coltrat, avoiding a court hearing in Florida.

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