Legal fees for adoption in Singapore

Having a child is a form of insurance for the parents or parents since the child will usually help and take care of their parents in their old age. Many married persons and single persons do not have a child of their own or want another child, so they prefer to adopt a child. However, compared to having a biological child, there are many legal formalities that have to be completed to adopt a child in Singapore, so that the child does not face any problem in the future. Hence the person adopting would like to find out the adoption lawyer fees in Singapore so that he or she can plan their finances accordingly.

Government rules

Before considering adoption, the married couple or individual considering adopting the child should be aware that the adoption rules are specified in the Adoption of Children Act (ACA) in Singapore. This act defines the legal procedure which has to be completed to adopt the child. However, before adopting the child, the family or individual should prove that he or she is physically fit and financially secure to provide proper care for the child being adopted. It is possible to adopt any child below the age of 18, though most people are adopting babies who are less than three years old.

Also, the MSF has imposed some age restrictions on the individuals adopting to ensure that he or she can take proper care of the baby or child being adopted. The person adopting should be at least 25 years old, and at least 21 years older than the child being adopted. However, since older persons cannot take proper care of children, the age gap between the child and the person adopting should be less than 50 years with some exceptions. Also, a male single person is not allowed to adopt a girl child. So, the person interested in adopting should first attend the pre-adoption briefing conducted by the agencies affiliated with the ministry of social and family development (MSF) in Singapore.

Identifying the child

After the briefing is complete, the family should identify the baby or child who they wish to adopt. It is observed that for more than 60% of the adoptions in Singapore, babies and children from foreign countries are adopted since Singapore has a small population. Though the MSF has some children available for adoption, many prefer to adopt a child usually from the countries surrounding Singapore. After the child is identified the MSF will conduct a Home study report (HSR) to ensure that the person adopting can provide a safe environment for the adopted child. In the case of a foreign child, the parent should get a visa, approval from the family court, after which the child will get Singapore citizenship and a Singapore birth certificate.

Legal fees

Most Singapore residents do not have the time and knowledge to complete the legal formalities for adopting the children, especially getting the adoption order from the family court themselves. Hence it is advisable to hire a competent adoption lawyer in Singapore, who will complete all the paperwork required on behalf of the family. Though the legal fees vary depending on multiple factors, the fees will usually start from $3000.

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