Lil Mouse Net Worth Age

Lil Mouse Net Worth and Lil Mouse Age

Mouse Myers, the most popular rapper in America who earned over a million dollars by rapping “drill” music from his teen age. His nick name is Lil Mouse and he was born on 19th January, 1999. He is from Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is single. He is Gemini and now he is eighteen years old. His height is 165cm and his body is much slim. His hair color is black but his eye color is look like Dark Brown. His name Mouse tattooed on his right cubit. He is really good at Baseball and this is his favorite sport. His favorite hobbies are riding motorcycles and four-wheels but unluckily he likes it to be risky too.

Lil Mouse Net Worth

Lil Mouse can’t finish his school life. He was a member of “Gangster Disiples Group” and he was very ferocious in this group. He was trying to get himself more Infamous. For that, he attacked an 8 years old kid when he was in the 3rd grade. Frequently he used to create many complex problems. He was turn out of school for his bad attitude and violent behavior which he never finished.

Lil Mouse Net Worth

Net worth of Lil Mouse is around 500 -600 hundred US dollars.

Lil Mouse Age

Mouse Myers was born on June 7, 1999

How old is Lil Mouse

Lil mouse age is now 18 years 7 months 17 days as of 24th January, 2018.

How old is Lil Mouse

Naturally it is not seen that a teen ager is rapping which is dedicated to gangsters and rogues of Chicago. So no doubt, he is an exceptional guy. In 2012, he published is first mixtape which called “mouse trap”. He published his “Get smoked” video song on YouTube. But it can’t get popularity. Thereafter, a famous rapper Lil Wayne published the identical mixtape on his “Dedication 4” in the same year.

Because of his Video and song, he got all the attention of the natives of Chicago. His lyrics were completely full by violence, guns, sex and killings. However, he got more fans and views on this video.

About the same time, a famous rapper Rhymefest said that Lil Mouse is not mature enough to wake up to something how serious is his rapping. Rhymefest also told that it is not right for a teen ager boy to rap about violence and guns.

Lil Mouse worked with a rapper Cassidy. But unfortunately it was falling into a rap battle from which Lil Mouse came out as a loser. Then he also entered into feud with a rapper young Pappy.

Few days later, he again entered into a feud with “slim jesus” a white teen rapper.

In his childhood, he was kicked out of by his home by his mother. He was also often beaten by his father. All in all he is one of the most famous rapper in the world. Moreover he gained a lot of success over a year. His face finally got cover space of Chicago Suns-times for his overnight success.

Lil Mouse Age

Quick View on Lil Mouse

Full Name: Mouse Myers

Place of Birth: Illinois, USA

Hair Color: Black

Birth Date: 7th June

Lil Mouse Net Worth: $5-600000

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